How do you say thank you for 100 years of blessings? By creating more memories for the future. Camp Artaban, which is celebrating its centenary this year, is welcoming campers and visitors to its traditional Harvest Weekend that is taking place September 29 to October 1. And this year, an invitation has also been extended to day trippers! 

Weekend campers of all ages will join St. Clement’s clergy co-directors Helen Dunn and Peggy Trendell-Jensen and have their choice of activities that range from archery to table games to boating to crafts to putting up one’s feet and lounging on the deck. Water taxis will leave Horseshoe Bay on Friday evening and return on Sunday afternoon, giving campers lots of time to relax, enjoy the changing season, and experience campfire under a velvety dark sky.  For all who wish, "candlelit" night prayer in the chapel will be offered, as well as a Sunday morning Eucharist service.

If you aren’t able to come for the whole weekend, why not join in for "Camp in a Day" on the Saturday? Leave Horseshoe Bay in the morning and experience the Artaban "vibe" that you just can’t get anywhere else.  Come enjoy the people and the activities; visit the beach, the forest and other special pockets of beauty; and top it all off with a Harvest Feast in the evening before heading back to Horseshoe Bay on the water taxi.

Registration is open to all ages, both individuals and families. Remember that Artaban’s generator goes to bed at night, so come prepared with flashlights and enjoy the sight of a starry sky away from city lights.

Registration fees include water taxis, accommodation, site staffing costs and all meals, including a roast turkey dinner. Cost for weekend campers is $275 for everyone over 2 years old; cost for Saturday day trippers is $125. Please visit the Camp Artaban website to register, or email Helen or Peggy for more information. Please register as soon as possible.