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Blaine writer, photographer and retired priest of the diocese, The Reverend Helen Worley and artist Georgia Donovan have collaborated on a book about living with cancer.
Helen and Nutmeg the stuffed Monkey will be visiting Christ Church Cathedral, Thursday, November 15th at 7pm to talk about the book.
Hope Lives in a Garden – A tale of whimsy and healing is a small book about big ideas, Worley said. Written from the perspective of a stuffed monkey named Nutmeg, the book explores the power of whimsy and gratitude in healing. Georgia Donovan’s illustrations bring the story to life. “This is an adult book, but the story of hope is appealing to any age.”
“I decided to share my story of living with two independent cancers, and another major surgery, in the hope that this would help others facing similar challenges,” Worley said. “When a good friend gave me a stuffed monkey, little did she think that he would inspire a book, but he became a part of the healing team.”
Together Nutmeg and Helen challenge the conventional metaphor of fighting cancer, cancer as a battle, and discover a holistic approach through the metaphor of a garden.
“I tried to capture the unique relationship between Helen and Nutmeg in my drawings,” Donovan commented. “The whimsical artwork serves to elevate the mood of the book which tackles very serious issues.”
All proceeds from the sales of Hope Lives in a Garden will be directed to support for people living with cancer and to research into its causes and cures.

The book is on sale at Christ Church Cathedral and with every copy sold through the church one dollar will be donated to cathedral ministries the remaining proceeds will be donated to the Callanish Society. The book is also available through HELEN'S WEBSITE.
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