In line with the theme “And God Created…”, and to have fun, the Environmental Unit of the diocese is coordinating a ‘Consider your Journey to Synod’ Challenge. Parishes are challenged to journey to Synod by carpool, transit, bike or foot, and leave the single-occupancy vehicle behind. Each Synod Delegate can win points for their parish by their method of travel:

  • Arriving alone in a car–0 pts
  • For carpooling with 1 other person–4 pts
  • For carpooling with 2 other people–6 pts
  • For carpooling with 3 plus other people–8 pts
  • Mixed mode (e.g. car then bus)–8 pts
  • Entirely walking, cycling or bus–8 pts

The average delegate score will be calculated both on Friday and Saturday by parish. High-scoring parishes will receive Special Sustainable Transportation Prizes!

Here’s how to win points.


Two buses go to Capilano College:

The #28 bus starts at Joyce Skytrain station, and goes over the Second Narrows.

The #239 bus starts at Park Royal, and picks up at the Lonsdale Quay.

Delegates coming from Vancouver and points south can take transit to the Seabus from Waterfront Station and connect to the #239.

On Friday only, delegates from communities served by West Coast Express can alight at Waterfront Station and use the Seabus and the #239.

For detailed trip planning go to, or call 604-953-3333 (say ‘Agent’ to get past the automated voice system).


For information on cycling in North Vancouver, go to (follow the Residents link to Transportation and then Cycling), or call 604-983-7333.

For information on Cycling from Vancouver to North Vancouver, go to