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On Monday, September 26, New Westminster City Council approved on fourth and final reading the necessary legislation to enable the revitalization of Holy Trinity Cathedral’s physical resources. Third reading had taken place on June 30, 2022 and it has been an anxious three months wait for the Parish of Holy Trinity Cathedral.

In a note written after the approval, the Venerable Richard Leggett, Vicar of the Parish of Holy Trinity Cathedral had these words for diocesan leadership:

This long chapter has come to an end and a new chapter begins in Wednesday.  Conwest, our developer, and the members of our Property Development Committee will meet to begin planning the next steps towards the renewal of this place of help, hope and home.


On behalf of the Parish I thank you all for your wisdom and support.

Here is the information supplied by Archdeacon Leggett, July 1, 2022 for inclusion on this website's news pages and in the Fall issue of the diocesan magazine, Topic.

The initial development goal is as follows:

Conwest Developments Ltd. and Holy Trinity Cathedral are proposing to redevelop, seismically upgrade, and restore the Holy Trinity Cathedral currently located on 514 Carnarvon Street and develop a 30-storey residential tower with a mix of market condo and secured market rental units. The project will provide a significant benefit to the neighborhood and the City of New Westminster and delivers on several community objectives.

During the public hearing disappointment was voiced at the inability to include the non-market rental housing that was a component of the original plan. BC Housing announced in June 2021 that it was able to fund only 20% of the projects for which applications were filed and HTC's application was not successful.

However, the revised project enhances community space making, including a significant commitment to the visible recognition of Aboriginal place in art and language, as well as a revised community use policy that prioritizes Aboriginal use of Cathedral facilities. These conversations can now proceed more vigorously after 3rd reading.

More information about the redevelopment project is available at HTC's redevelopment project website.