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"Well I've got the sermon written and we will be getting started about 2pm on Saturday, May 20." This is a paraphrase of the words that the Reverend Neil Gray, rector of the The Church of the Holy Trinity, White Rock (HTWR) recorded on the diocesan communications office voicemail Thursday morning, May 18.

Rev. Gray is going to preach for 3 hours and 20 minutes and it isn't just for him to expound or to hear the sound of his own voice it is in order to encourage financial pledges toward the funding of a new roof that will likely cost the parish in the neighbourhood of $20,000.

For more information about this fundraising event and how you can participate please click to access the article written about the event in the local Peace Arch News. There was a typo in this news report that advertised the date as Sunday, May 20th when in fact the preach-a-thon is happening Saturday, May 20th. When asked if the sermon was taking place on a Saturday or a Sunday, Reverend Gray replied that it was Saturday, "if we promoted a 3 and 1/2 hour sermon for Sunday worship people would stay away in droves."

Both HTWR rector, and deacon, the Reverend Paul Richardson reported that people have been dropping by the church to make donations and pledges and the current count as of Thurday morning was in excess of $9,000.

Saturday is going to be a nice day, so why not head out to White Rock in the afternoon, pop by 15115 Roper Avenue, listen to some quality preaching and help the church reach their fundraising goal.