In May St. Cuthbert’s parish undertook another mission to Camp Artaban to help spruce-up the camp. One item of this work was the cleaning, polishing and re-installation of the chapel bell.

Judging by the amount of tarnish it was apparent that this had not been done for some time. In fact, some campers didn’t recall seeing the bell because it blended into the flora along the path to the chapel.

The bell bears the following inscription:

To the Glory of God

In Loving Memory of

"Jo" Refausse

Presented by the Family


During the cleaning I thought about this inscription and the person to whom it was dedicated. Since the "Jo" is in quotations it must be for a woman, but who was she and where does she fit into the Artaban story.

Thus started my quest to learn more about "Jo" Refausse. After all, if we are cleaning and re-hanging the bell it would be fitting to say something about her.

My enquiries started by calling the Artaban office for information about the dedication. They having nothing at hand suggested I call some of the long-standing Artaban alumni, which resulted in several more telephone calls. It was the call to Pat Williamson that resulted in the name Josephine and the fact that she was involved in the waterfront. Now all that remained was to find out which camp director; alas this has not happened - yet.

The search is not over and I would welcome any information you may have about Josephine or her family. The bell is pictured mounted on the new post beside the chapel path.

Chris Buxton