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The Indigenous Studies program at the Vancouver School of Theology is pleased to announce that ISP Summer School is returning to in person learning July 11-22, 2022. They will also be offering hybrid models of learning using Zoom and other technologies so that everyone who is willing can add to their learning and capacity for ministry. Bursary support is available.

Reconciliation has been “in the news” recently. 

The partial apology from Pope Francis and the recent visit and apology from Archbishop Welby during his visit to Canada have been reported by the mainstream media.  With those reports have come reactions, some positive and some asking challenging questions regarding compensation and next steps.

In the words of Murray Sinclair, “Reconciliation is not about being a spectator. In Doctrine of Discovery Ray Aldred talked about Reconciliation as an opportunity “to be friendly and harmonious again.”  

Reconciliation is a journey and it is about Engagement with the Land, Ourselves and Others.

You have an opportunity to engage is this process by considering the courses offered by the Indigenous Studies Program Summer Courses. Anyone who knows me won’t be surprised that I have already registered for the Introduction to Gwiis Maakskw (Geometric Wool Weaving) with Wal-aks (Keane Tait).  I am looking forward to the course and I recommend all these courses to anyone wanting to learn and grow in our journey of Reconciliation.

Words from the Director of ISP

This year’s Indigenous Studies Program (ISP) Summer School will continue the task of creating space to collaborate. The ISP Summer School creates space to respect and honor the teachings that we all bring to one another in our journey of transformation, as we walk together. This year’s course will provide practical education resources for leaders to think about as we all work to hand on our stories to those coming after us. Our hope this year is that as we come together, we will continue to develop a spirituality of leadership that builds upon the resilience of learners and their communities.

Ray Aldred
Director, Indigenous Studies Program

Here is a direct link to more information and registration