The diocese’s Multifaith and Ecumenical Unit has produced a Resource Book for Programmes of Interfaith Dialogue to help parishes and other groups interact with non-Christian faith communities in their localities.

“Perhaps no place in Canada is better situated to lead the way in this great project than the Lower Mainland of British Columbia.  Forty percent of people in this region were born outside Canada, twice as many as in the nation as a whole,” says the introduction to the report.

“Fifteen percent represent faiths other than Christianity, compared with just six percent nationally. It is our hope that such programmes will build a foundation for long-term communication and mutual understanding,” it says.

The Rev. Neil Fernyhough, chair of the unit, said the group hopes Anglicans in the Lower Mainland can become  an example of what “reconciling and incarnational faith can achieve.”

The report contains a lengthy listing of resources available at the Vancouver School of Theology, Regent College, and the Roman Catholic Carey Library at UBC; a selection of children, youth, and young adult resources, and a large table of non-Christian Faith Communities in the Lower Mainland.

It can be downloaded from the website under “Resources/Resources for Parishes”, or here.