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Job Posting:   Parish Administrator – St Philip's, Dunbar
Terms of Employment:   20 hours/week
Salary range:   $25 - $30 / hour (dependent on training and experience)
Parish Website:
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The Parish Administrator is responsible for the welcoming and efficient coordination of the parish office as well as working as part of the clergy, staff and lay leadership team to serve the parish and local community.  The Parish Administrator maintains the parish office as the centre for information, communication, and programme co-ordination.  As a staff member, the Parish Administrator, work with the parish bookkeeper/accountant, maintain parish records, and support the clergy team, the wardens, trustees and parish committees.



  1. Responsible for the operations of the Church Office and parish activities ensuring that prompt, courteous and helpful service is extended to both internal and external groups, the Synod office, individual parishioners, and members of the community.
    1. Ensures that all inquiries to the Church Office whether in person, by phone or electronic are responded to in a prompt, courteous and helpful manner
    2. Maintains the administrative systems of the parish and ensures the efficient management and storage of parish records
    3. Maintains current and past parish and committee membership lists and minutes
    4. Ensures parish records are up to date, particularly records of funerals, weddings, and baptisms as required by church canons and membership records
    5. Maintains knowledge of new software and technologies and participates in courses or seminars to upgrade skills as necessary.
    6. Ensures all required information is reported to the Diocese accurately and in a timely manner including the archiving of parish records as appropriate and required
    7. Coordinates the records of all donations to the parish
    8. Maintains a list of bequests and endowments received working with the parish Envelope Secretary. Ensures that bequests and large donations are acknowledged
    9. Maintains records of fire inspections, back-flow prevention valve inspections, and maintenance of AED machines
    10. Ensures that all office equipment is serviced and operational; coordinates regular and emergency maintenance as required
    11. Purchase of office supplies 

  2. Provides confidential administrative support to the Rector, clergy team and lay leadership
    1. Drafts correspondence, both electronic and hardcopy, as requested by the Rector or members of the clergy team
    2. Provides confidential administrative support for standing committees, church programs, and lay leadership (wardens and trustees)
    3. Coordinates the submission of annual reports from all parish committees, wardens, etc and compiles them into the annual report for Vestry
    4. Anglican ethos and culture

  3. Coordinates communications for the parish and ensures that information is made available in an effective and timely manner.
    1. Creates the weekly bulletin for use and distribution for Sunday and special services.
    2. Maintains a calendar of events, both parish activities and bookings at the church, and makes it available to the parish community as appropriate e.g. posting on our website
    3. Ensures the creation and appropriate distribution of circulars, parish documents and publications, regular email newsletters and updates
    4. Creates and manages the schedule of regular communications whether hardcopy or electronic
    5. Uses current technologies to maximize the dissemination of information to the parish community, external groups and general public such as Facebook, Instagram, and other social media tools
    6. Coordinates with and supports parish communications
  3. Ensures the efficient rental of parish facilities
    1. Coordinates together with the Trustee responsible for rentals the scheduling, booking and rental of parish facilities
    2. Ensures any required set-up, clean up or other arrangements are communicated to the Caretaker
    3. Ensures that the Caretaker has access to all bookings calendars
    4. Ensures that appropriate insurance, required documentation, and payment is received for booking church facilities
    5. Coordinates the rental agreements (with the Trustee responsible for Rentals) with external groups including any long-term rentals
    6. Builds and maintains positive relationships with all external groups using parish facilities

5. Coordinates parish computer systems

    1. Ensures Parish records are appropriately backed up
    2. Ensures any required subscriptions are paid and up to date
    3. Runs appropriate updates for any and all computers used

6. Coordinates office Volunteers

    1. Maintain a list of volunteers and their availability
    2. Maintain a list of tasks to be completed by volunteers
    3. Trains, updates and orients volunteers
    4. Ensures that refreshments are available for volunteers 


  • A minimum of five years of relevant experience including volunteer management, records management, office operations and electronic communications
  • Exceptional interpersonal skills and experience in pastoral support
  • Excellent verbal and written communications skills in English
  • Extensive knowledge of and experience with both Windows-based and Mac based softwares including all MS Office applications, relational database and desktop publishing software
  • Mature judgment and the ability to maintain confidentiality
  • Effective time management skills
  • Must be flexible and able to work in a changing environment delivering diverse services with a high degree of accuracy and integrity
  • Able to work with a diverse group of people
  • Demonstrated service orientation and conflict resolution skills
  • Submission of a current Police Record Check with Vulnerable Sector search obtained within the last 12 months.



Hours of work

The schedule for this position is 20 hours a week, four hours per day (five days per week).  The office must be open four hours a day, five days per week, hours can be flexible but regular i.e. 9 am – 1 pm five days/week, or 10 am – 2 pm five days/week.


The Parish Administrator reports on a day-to-day basis to the parish Rector or Priest-in-Charge.  The Parish Wardens are responsible for the overall supervision and annual review of the Parish Administrator.


The Parish Administrator may join the Diocesan Lay Workers Benefits Plan, which includes MSP, Dental, and Extended Health coverage, as well as pension benefits, and will share in the costs as specified in the Plan.