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The Bishop of the Diocese of New Westminster is seeking to appoint a Rector (full-time, permanent position) for the Parish of Holy Trinty Cathedral in the City of New Westminster, BC. The Parish is located on the traditional and unceded territory of the Halkomelem speaking peoples.  

The following are a summary of highlights from the parish profile. For a more comprehensive picture of the Parish of Holy Trinty Cathedral download the parish profile.

The profile begins with “We are seeking a compassionate, humorous, and inspiring leader who shares our deep commitment to both tradition and innovation in worship.” It continues to describe the historic and inner-city nature of the parish and their desire “…to welcome a priest who can navigate the unique challenges and opportunities we encounter in our diverse and dynamic neighborhood…”.

Holy Trinity is in the midst of a significant redevelopment project to upgrade the church itself while building a 30-storey tower to include parish offices, meeting space, and housing – both market condos and rental units. For further information go to the Restoration & Development details pages on the parish's website.

Some of the specific gifts, qualities, and characteristics the parish seeks in the next rector are:

  • Skill in co-chairing a property development project
  • Providing compassionate leadership
  • Fostering an inclusive and welcoming community
  • Navigating changes with vision and adaptability
  • Possessing a profound knowledge of liturgy and its ability to teach the faith
  • Biblical preaching and teaching

On Sundays the parish gathers at 8am for a said Holy Eucharist (BCP) and at 10am for a Sung Eucharist (BAS) with choir and a fellowship hour. On Wednesdays at 9:30am a Service of Healing is followed by the Holy Eucharist. Vespers are prayed on Thursdays in a virtual gathering.

A women’s prayer group, Sunday School, home groups and a book club/study group called Trinity Tuesdays contribute to the community’s faith formation and spiritual development. Gatherings for fun and fellowship add to the community’s vitality.

A long running outreach to the neighbourhood, now spanning thirty years, is the weekly breakfast programme which is staffed by parishioners and community volunteers.

The parish is aware that their vibrant congregational and neighbourhood setting exist challenges which they outline in the profile. These include:

  • Congregational growth and an aging membership
  • Financial sustainability
  • Burnout and volunteer recruitment
  • Congregational unity during the redevelopment and restoration
  • Security and community safety
  • Raising awareness amongst newcomers
  • Navigating the leadership transitions

The profile’s appendices include parish statistics for 2019-2022, financial graphs for 2019-2023 budgets and forecast and the financial review for 2022.  Various URLs are embedded and provide information on the City of New Westminster.

The required diocesan application form is available below in WORD on this post  No other documentation should be included as it is not retained or considered.  

Applications for this position will be received until close of business on Thursday, November 9, 2023.  Please email your cover letter, application and, if you are not from the Diocese of New Westminster, a letter from your bishop indicating you are ‘a priest in good standing’ to 

For further information contact Bill Siksay, Executive Assistant to the Bishop’s Office by email or telephone at 604-684-6306, ext. 228.