A group of youth and youth leaders from across the diocese gathered at Holy Trinity Cathedral to run in circles, stick labels on all the building's electrical items and to eat pizza-and all in aid of global justice.
At a meeting of the Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund for young people of the diocese
This event on September 27 was organized by the justgeneration.ca team of the Primates World Relief and Development Fund, along with our own diocesan PWRDF unit. Since 1999 PWRDF have incorporated the youth of the Anglican Church into their ministry in a national Youth Initiative which, in 2002, became justgeneration.ca.
Justgeneration.ca seeks to connect young people and deepen engagement through education and action. Part of its work is in resourcing youth and youth leaders through its eponymous website and regular updates. Another is its Canadian youth council who meet regularly.
To find out more about justgeneration.ca, visit their website. There are great resources for youth who want to get connected with global justice, and youth leaders looking for projects and activities for their groups