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Acclaimed singer Kerry Anne Kutz will be returning to Hope, BC in May after a hiatus of nearly
25 years!
Kerry Anne will be performing at Christ Church Anglican & National Historic Site on Saturday,
May 28 at 7pm
“We are honoured to feature Kerry Anne Kutz for the community’s enjoyment. Our small historic
church won’t be able to fit as many people as she is used to performing to – but I don’t think she
will mind too much,” laughs Darla Dickinson, supervisor of Christ Church National Historic Site.
“One of her last audiences was 90,000 people – but I know she is excited to be returning to Hope
and visiting with friends that she made here during her last stay.”
This eastern born singer has performed to audiences all over the world, and in every province and territory in Canada.
“It will be a privilege to perform at Christ Church National Historic Site. I am inspired by and in
awe of our rich architectural heritage in Canada…I thank you for the opportunity to contribute to
and to share in its history,” says Kerry Anne Kutz, singer and performer.
Today Kerry Anne resides in Montreal and is a regular feature of their music scene. Kutz grew
up in a home surrounded by music. “My dad Barney Kutz was a double bassist with the
Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra and he also played in a weekly television show as a jazz
musician…These jazz artists were a wonderful contrast to the Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra
concerts that I attended as a young person. I loved music profoundly and decided to become a
professional singer when I was twelve years old!” says Kutz.
This concert is also special for Kerry Anne on another level as it acts as a sort of reunion with
major music influences of her past.
“I am so happy to be sharing this concert with a good friend, guitarist Tony Chotem…who now
lives in Vancouver. Tony's dad, composer and concert pianist Neil Chotem and my dad grew up
together in Saskatoon,” says Kutz.
Tickets are $20 and can be purchased at Hope Visitor Information Centre (919 Water Ave),Free
Rein Associates
(895 Third Ave)and Pages Bookstore (781 Fraser Ave). Doors open at 6:30 p.m.
Call 604 869 5402 for more information.
“I think this concert will prove to be an emotional wonder filled with passion, laughter and
perhaps a few tears. We are very fortunate, and excited, to feature this remarkable performer
back to Hope,” says Dickinson.