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On the evening of March 28, the inaugural meeting of the new Christian Formation committee happened in the diocesan office. The committee’s mission is to encourage and equip parish leaders to develop holistic study and learning for adults in the ways of faith. Each one of the members expressed high enthusiasm as well as energy and a wealth of experience to bring to the work. At the next meeting of the committee all members will be reporting on their progress in several projects, including a review of Living the Questions 2.0, the development of a Vita Retreat refresher and introductory session, a meal-based bible study, and promotion of a new formation workshop.

During the meeting, members shared stories of their most transformative learning experiences, the kind that inspire and change lives, and discussed the deep values that would guide the committee’s work: a holistic approach to study and learning, relational, patient, attentive to diverse contexts of parishes, sustainable, and a preference for locally developed/Canadian Anglican resources.

The members of the committee include: Dr. Steve Black, parishioner of Christ Church Cathedral and bringer of biblical studies from the seminary to the pew; Rev. Peggy Trendell-Jensen, deacon at St. Clement's and animator of Christian formation for many in her parish; Rev. Laurel Dahill, vicar of St. John the Divine who has put on workshops for altar guild members and intercessors in the diocese and has an online course on Benedictine spirituality on, Rev. Dr. Sharon Smith, vicar of St. Catherine’s Capilano and one of the leaders of the Vita Retreat – a diocesan spiritual formation program, Rev. Dr. Tellison Glover, director of Mission and Ministry for the diocese, and Rev. Jessica Schaap, Missioner for Christian Formation in the diocese.

The members committed to work on a concrete project to fulfill one or more of the following purposes:

  • To develop a working knowledge of the most used and recommended curricula in the diocese
  • To gain and promote an understanding of how to create, promote, and lead formation events/courses.
  • To research and evaluate new resources and share findings with the wider diocese.
  • To assist in the development and promotion of formation resources (e.g. seasonal studies, baptismal preparation)
  • To accompany/coach parishes as they develop their Christian formation programs and resources.
  • To commit to and exemplify a personal and communal path of Christian formation in the Anglican tradition.

All are looking forward to being resources for the whole diocese as we seek to mature in the heart, mind, and practice of Christ.


(Left to Right) The Reverends Laurel Dahill, Jessica Schaap, Sharon Smith, Peggy Trendell-Jensen, Dr. Steve Black and the Reverend Dr. Tellison Glover facilitating the “selfie”.