Primate Andrew Hutchison and Amir Kazemian, on one of the Primate’s visits to the refugee at St. Michael’s, Vancouver (file photo)

The lawyer representing Amir Kazemian, an Iranian refugee who has been “in sanctuary” at St. Michael’s, Vancouver, for the past 30 months, has filed new evidence to support his application to remain in Canada on humanitarian and compassionate grounds.

Lawyer Naomi Minwalla said that “substantial” new evidence and arguments were filed last month with Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

“If successful, Amir will be able to leave sanctuary, remain in Canada where he feels safe, and be close to his elderly mother”, said Ms. Minwalla.

Kazemian has been living in a chapel at St. Michael’s, with the financial and emotional support of the Diocese Refugee Unit and others. He has the backing of Primate Andrew Hutchison, who has visited him on several occasions.

While his refugee application was denied three years ago, his mother’s claim – based on similar facts – was accepted, and she is living in Vancouver. Kazemian’s father, who is terminally ill, is being cared for by his sister in the United Kingdom. There is no immediate family left in Iran.