Clifford Johnson and the Rev. John Stephens of St. Philip’s

Clifford Johnson was a genuine steward. The long time St. Philip Dunbar member was described by one parishioner "as such a gentle soul who was very caring, kind, generous and actively involved in leadership in the church."

The rector of St. Philip's, the Rev. John Stephens, described Mr. Johnson, who had a busy career as a construction industry executive, as a "35-year pillar of St. Philip's Church", who made time to serve the parish as warden, envelope secretary, outreach committee member and delegate to synod. He also served on Diocesan Council and the Financial Development Committee and was an active member of Bishop's Friends.

One of Clifford's great legacies was his pioneering work in helping to found the Anglican Initiatives Fund. He was a very generous man, giving a lead gift of $50,000 to help establish the fund; he worked diligently to encourage others to do the same. His generosity continued in death as he left $80,000 to his parish of St. Philip and $50,000 to the Diocese of New Westminster.

Eva Webb was another of God's stewards. Ms. Webb instructed that when she died her executor should split the remainder of a fund four ways so that St. Margaret of Scotland, St. George, Maple Ridge, St. Helen, Surrey, and the Diocese of New Westminster would each receive $75,000.

It is believed these gifts in part were possible because of an inheritance of property she received at an early age. Eva also left a significant gift to Sorrento Centre during her lifetime. St. George Maple Ridge is also the residual beneficiary of her Last Will & Testament.

Eva Webb

Eva completed high school in Surrey in 1938, then earned a degree from UBC. She graduated from Library College in Toronto in 1944. She served for two years in the Navy Library Service before she became a Children's Librarian. She worked in Kelowna, Regina, and Reading (U.K.) before returning to Vancouver to work. She was active in the Girl Guide movement. She loved shopping, travelling to Europe, and every summer visiting Sorrento Centre.

While at St. Margaret of Scotland, Ms. Webb was president of the Altar Guild and on the church and canonical committees.

These stewards, Clifford and Eva exemplify our call to faithful stewardship of our assets for our church, our family and our friends. They are wonderful examples of how each of us can leave a legacy of love.