Diocesan Communications is pleased to announce that the holidayservices.ca Lent/Holy Week/Easter edition is ready for visitors. This website exists as a place on the world wide web where people who live within the Diocese of New Westminster (or who plan to visit from near or far) who are not regular church attendees can find current, accurate worship and event information covering those times of the year highlighted by events in the Church calendar (Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter. This website is an open invitation to let people know that ALL ARE WELCOME to participate in worship in the Diocese of New Westminster, Anglican Church of Canada.
Diocesan Communications is still working on the website formatting. a glossary of terms and some FAQ's.
Please tell your friends and neighbours to take a moment and check out www.holidayservices.ca.
                                                                                              Easter Vigil at St. James, Downtown Eastside