Jesus said: "Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." Matthew 19:14

And of every living child, clean and unclean, foul (and fair) and of every sort that creep-eth (chase-eth, scream-eth, flirt-eth), upon the earth (at least) two of every sort, entered into the Artaban. And it was good.

Maybe it was even more than good. Maybe it was Gospel - the coming of the kingdom!

Artaban welcomes both the Anglican (or otherwise Christian affiliated) - and the completely secular modern child. Each child, regardless of beliefs or background, is received from the boat dock as a precious gift.

Our ratio of about 1:2 - adult to child allows us to enter into the children's lives, thoughts and experiences with exceptional attention to details. Because of this, we are able to demonstrate our values practically.

For example, because we overhear the playground put-downs (regarded as witty and entertaining in our television culture) we are able to challenge this practice. We try to discourage a `winners' & `loser' mentality in competition and foster an appreciation of effort, team spirit and the ability to laugh at yourself - the once fiercely competitive water-regatta program is often played out without any formal mention of a winner or a loser.

Our hope is to give our kids the freedom to have fun and not take themselves too seriously and to show that a person's value is not based on some sort of an artificial `coolness-quotient'. We encourage modesty, safety and the joy of childhood play at our waterfront.

We stop for sightings of wild deer, birds, flowers, reptiles and bugs with a sense of awe and wonder amidst a world of rush. We endeavour to receive good things with a spirit of gratitude and say thank you often.

In a world that avoids religious discussion for fear of disagreement, we seek to be open to and appreciative of differences without condescension, judgment or compromising the story of Jesus and his life of love in action.

Jesus hugs, feeds, plays, dances, swims and listens to children at Artaban through the medium of our dedicated staff. In retrospect, I can see that the kids are rich and poor, athletic and artistic, multi-coloured, multi-cultured and of many faiths.

But at camp, thanks to Jesus inspiration of leadership, I just see kids.

We have so much to praise God for in the marvellous opportunities Artaban provides for sharing God's love. Thanks also to the Diocese of New Westminster for making camp possible through their ongoing commitment to financial support. Thanks to the many donors of money and the volunteers who give so much time. These contributions wordlessly communicate: "Let the Children Come to Me!"

Camp Artaban is just as real a mission of the Anglican Church in our Diocese as our soup kitchens and other social services projects because it lives the Gospel in a real and practical way. Kids need love just as much as food. This gift of love is very good. In fact, it is Gospel!

Camps this summer at Camp Artaban

Fine Arts

Are you feeling creative? This could be the camp session you are searching for. Not only do you get the regular camp activities, but you can choose one of the following options: Musical Theatre including drama/dance and singing, Concert Band or Visual Arts. Come and be a part of a talented group of campers! The creative energy is awesome and the memories are forever!

Leader in Training (LIT) 1 & 2

Have you ever had an amazing camp counsellor or staff person that made an impact on your life? Would you like to have an opportunity to be a Camp Artaban counsellor or leader? If you are 16 or above before September 2005 then LIT is for you. Space is limited, so register early!

Girls Camp

Experience the freedom and fun of girls only - with no boys to bug you! This week has all the stuff that camp has to offer plus make-up, nails, slumber parties and more. This camp not only challenges you to live up to your full potential but allows you to just be you!

Children's Coed 1 & 2

This camp is great for first time campers! Bring all your friends and learn to canoe, make new crafts and camp out under the stars. Each evening you and your cabin buddies can perform skits at campfire and learn new songs.

Senior Teens Coed 1 & 2

Kiss boredom goodbye and get away from it all. Whether you're hiking up a mountain, canoeing across a bay, or just catching rays on the dock, this camp is all about hanging out with friends. Get away to a place of amazing peace and beauty.

Junior Teens Coed 1 & 2

These camps have it all! Crafts, swimming, hiking, crazy games, theme, campfire and more. Both camps are a party waiting to happen. All we need is you!

Family Camp

Fun for everyone. Mum and Dad get to spend time with the kids without the worry of having to cook and plan. It's all provided, just show up and join in the activities. What a great way to wrap up the summer!

For dates and fees see the Camp Artaban website,