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The 2016 four part video discussion series about stewardship featuring Archbishop Douglas Hambidge in conversation with former D of NW communications officer and long time St. Thomas, Vancouver parishioner, Lorie Chortyk is now available here on the Stewardship and Gift Development Module in the Parish Development Section of the diocesan website.

The series was commissioned by The Episcopal Church's (TEC) TENS organization but was never put into circulation. Filmmaker Cliff Caprani (who is the director and producer of the series) in conversation with Archbishop Hambidge thought it would be worthwhile to have this excellent resource available online for the use of diocesan parishes both here in the Diocese of New Westminster and beyond.

The purpose of this series is to encourage conversations about stewardship primarily for parishes. The concept is that this could be shown in a small group meeting context to "Gift Development Committees", "Generous Giving Teams" and at diocesan conferences.

Archbishop Hambidge and Lorie Chortyk speak for about 10 -15 minutes developing topics to encourage discussions to take place following the screening of each episode. Each segment includes suggested questions for discussion at the conclusion of the episode.

Episode 1 has been attached below.