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Our country now has a Canada-wide program of dental care for low and middle income residents who do not have Dental Insurance coverage. It will be rolled out in coming months regarding applying.

Thank you to all of were in contact with our Federal government and Members of Parliament. See below the May 2021 letter regarding support for this program.

Our diocese has been part of being a voice to support such important health coverage.

This is democracy in action.

 The Rev. Margaret Marquardt 

Diocese of New Westminster Justice and Peace Unit (formerly the Diocesan Eco-Justice Unit)


Hello all,

I’m writing to you on behalf of the Diocesan Eco-Justice Unit.

Here is a link to a CBC story regarding the NDP tabling a private member’s bill  in the House of Commons Tuesday May 4/21.

This motion is to give coverage for people in Canada who are not covered for dental care.

It is not a partisan political motion but one to bring those who cannot afford dental care to be able to be covered.

The Dental Association of Canada notes that 1/3 of Canadians do not have dental coverage.

Please consider writing to your MP in the next few days and also to the Prime Minister? You can find your Member of Parliament’s email by going on the Internet. Just type in your MPs name.

You just need to say that you support Canada having dental coverage for all Canadians. The linked CBC story contains some of the rationale and you can add your own of course.

Personally, as Chair of the Eco-Justice Unit and working with families in Burnaby, I have met many families who are not getting dental coverage or if they are they’re going into great debt on their credit card.

Please consider doing this in the next few days?

If you can please also email me to let me know if you’ve been able to do that.

Thank you.

The Rev. Margaret Marquardt