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On Friday, July 8, the Reverend Margaret Marquardt, Chair of the diocesan Eco-Justice Unit sent the following letter to Premier John Horgan:

Dear Premier Horgan,

I was glad to hear in your press conference today of the commitment to build Lytton back within an ecological framework.

I hope that Lytton could be a pilot for what an ecological planned community could look like bringing together all of the expertise ecologically regarding building houses and business,

Indigenous historical and present insight for care of the land, with stewardship of the forest and local vegetation and honouring the specific landscape and climate of the area.

It could become an incredible way forward with Indigenous partnership and a showcase of building economically and smart ecologically.

New business could start with such partnerships with the Indigenous community and the local folks.

A historical centre could address the Indigenous roots and also the Chinese workers who also brought so much to the area historically.

Tourism would be central in such a pilot community.

Such a place could be a world wide centre of what can be done when there is a commitment to a new way forward in the midst of climate change.

It seems be have a great opportunity here out of the devastation of the fire.

Let us not squander this opportunity. It is a time to be diligent in courageously moving forward.

Looking forward to the leadership of the BC government in this as you gather with the local communities to bring new life creatively from the ashes.


The Rev. Margaret Marquardt


Anglican Diocese of New Westminster, Eco-Justice Unit