Margarget Marquardt, chair of the Justice and Peace Unit

The diocesan Justice and Peace Unit reports that 150 people have sent letters to the Prime Minister and other federal leaders urging creation of low income housing to reduce homelessness.

The Unit urges Anglicans to take part in this diocesan wide initiative to end homelessness by organizing letter writing day in each parish after church in the next month. Participants can write to the leaders of the federal political parties - no postage stamp is required.

“Tell our political leaders that Housing does solve homelessness. Housing is a national issue. Having a home is a human right. Everyone benefits when we all have a home. Each political party needs to make affordable housing one of its top priorities,” said the Rev. Margaret Marquardt, chair of the Diocesan Justice and Peace Unit.

Marquardt said people can send of their letters personally, but asked that they provide a copy to the unit also.

Addresses to send letters to:

  • The Rt. Hon. Stephen Harper, P.C., M.P., Office of the Prime Minister,
    80 Wellington Street, Ottawa
    , K1A OA2
  • The Hon. Stephane Dion, PC., M.P., 121 East Block, Ottawa, K1A OA6
  • The Hon. Giles Duceppe, M.P, House of Commons, Ottawa, K1A OA6
  • The Hon. Jack Layton, M.P, 634 C Block, House of Commons, Ottawa, K1A OA6


Pauline Speed, Miriam Dykstra and Marilyn Watson compose their letters at St. Agnes', North Vancouver

For more information call the Rev. Margaret Marquardt, Chair, 604 874-5030. Email: