Thanks for all your support for St. Mark's "Journey of Christmas." This year we had 2,161 visitors and the daily average was a record 154. We were blessed with 12 out of 14 dry nights and some of our new marketing strategies paid off.

This was the first year that we displayed a facade in the front of the church. This was also the first year we had nightly carol-singing in the hall. This was so successful, that when the visitors came in for their hot chocolate and cookies they didn't want to leave, but just wanted to enjoy the atmosphere within the hall which was standing room only on many evenings.

We also had a record 10 bus loads of students and seniors, most of whom came at pre-arranged times. We have certainly raised the bar for 2005!

Brian Walks
St. Mark's, Ocean Park, Surrey


I was dismayed that the TOPIC would publish a memo referring to the North Shore as being the "land of gentle breeding."

Surely references to the quality or manner of a person's "breeding" have no place in the Anglican Church.

Those of us who are not of "gentle breeding" deserve an apology.

This Diocese needs to start taking equality rights seriously.

Robert Sider
Holy Trinity Cathedral, New Westminster