Opportunities abound for Anglicans to blog and interact with each other over the Internet.

The Anglican Church of Canada's website for young people, "Generation," at generation.anglican.ca is continuing.

The site's organizers have persuaded five people to blog regularly: a 15-year-old youth in high school, a University of Western Ontario student, a youth coordinator, a campus minister, and a soldier in the Canadian Army.

Meanwhile, the social networking site Facebook (www.facebook.com) is full of local Anglicans talking to each other. A quick search found networking groups at eight Diocese of New Westminster parishes: Christ Church Cathedral, St. Alban's (Burnaby), St. Catherine's (North Vancouver), St. Helen's, St. James, St. John's (Shaughnessy), St. Martin's, St. Paul's.

Camp Artaban's Facebook group has an astounding 410 people participating, and Sorrento Centre has 146 - when last checked.

If communicating over the Internet is your thing, there are lots of ways to do it.