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Please click this link to download (from Dropbox) a high resolution .PDF of the March 2019 issue of Topic, the magazine of the Diocese of New Westminster published 10 times a year and distributed to homes and parishes as a section of the national publication, The Anglican Journal.

Members of diocesan parishes may subscribe to Topic and Anglican Journal (there is no charge) by visiting this website.

If you currently receive hard copies of Topic/The Anglican Journal, your automatic subscription will cease following the distribution of the June 2019 issues and it will be necessary to intentionally subscribe. Here is a link to ways that you can subscribe.

Content for Topic is gratefully received and considered.

The deadlines for material to be considered for the May and June issues are:

  • March 22
  • April 26

The Topic Deadlines and Guidelines document for 2019 and a web sized .PDF of the March 2019 issue are downloadable below on this posting.