The Diocesan Synod Circular is now available for download.

The entire Synod Circular (726 KB) can be downloaded. In addition, the Circular has been broken up into seven smaller files for those who would find downloading one large file a strain on their computer.

More updates wil be posted after April 26. Please check regularly for them in the weeks before Diocesan Synod, which will take place May 25 and 26.

The Notice of Synod was distributed by regular mail in early April. The Auditor's Report along with all of the financial reports will be distributed in paper format by regular mail to all Synod Delegates in early May. The Circular was emailed to all delegates whose email address was known on April 24.

The reason for the electronic distribution is an action of the “Green” Synod of 2006, which passed a motion to direct the Diocesan Synod Office and all bodies reporting to Synod to utilize wherever possible electronic distribution of materials, as an ecological measure.

If all Synod delegates and others receiving the reports were to read them online, as opposed to printing them out, approximately 26,000 pages of paper would not be used (about four trees’ worth). However, the saving will be less since about 40 people requested printed copies of the circular, according to the Rev. Eileen Nurse, who is in charge of the distribution.

After delegates have received the primary distribution, they should monitor this site regularly for updates.
To go to Synod Circular materials, go to "Resources/Synod Materials" or click here.