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On Saturday, May 12 at 9am, the voting members of the Synod of the Ecclesiastical Province of BC/Yukon will elect a new Metropolitan via telephone conference call in successive rounds of voting until one of the three diocesan bishops who have let their names stand: Logan McMenamie, British Columbia; Melissa Skelton, New Westminster; Larry Robertson, Yukon receives a majority of votes.  However, all six bishops are potentially candidates until the end of the meeting on Saturday, May 12. Three of the 24 potential voters are presently scheduled to be out of the country and may or may not connect for the election. They are certainly eligible but there will not be an official count of the Electoral College until the meeting May 12.  

According to the Canons of the "Province" the Prolocutor, Dr. Randall Fairey is the "Presiding Officer" for the meeting/election in the absence of the Primate.

Former Metropolitan, John Privett’s resignation effective April 30, 2018, returned his official title to “Bishop – The Right Reverend”.  In the 12 day interim, April 30 – May 12, Bishop Larry Robertson as the senior diocesan bishop by consecration is acting Metropolitan.  

And when elected, what will be the ministry of the new Archbishop and Metropolitan? The primary ministry of the new Archbishop and Metropolitan will be to continue as diocesan bishop in his or her diocese.  Beyond that ongoing diocesan ministry, providing pastoral care to the bishops of the ecclesiastical province is at the heart of the added archiepiscopal ministry. Fostering unity and harmony within the ecclesiastical province is another.  And in conjunction with the other three provincial archbishops and metropolitans, assisting the Primate is an important function.  

The new Metropolitan will begin by chairing meetings of the Provincial Executive and will be installed formally at the commencement of the Provincial Synod in September of 2018 at Sorrento - and will chair the Synod. Formal Notices will be prepared by the Prolocutor, Dr. Randall Fairey for the Archives, and will be signed by the Chancellor and/or Registrar.

Notification of Election will be by Dr. Fairey after talking to the Bishop nominees first, and also informing the Primate via his Principal Secretary as Archbishop Hiltz is out of country. The results will subsequently be communicated to staff of the diocesan offices for circulation.


The Provincial House of Bishops with the Chancellor and the Primate at the January 18, 2018, Consecration of the Right Reverend David Lehmann as Bishop of Caledonia