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Please follow this link to download from Dropbox a high resolution .PDF of the May 2020 issue of Topic, the magazine of the Diocese of New Westminster available in print as a section of the national publication, The Anglican Journal (AJ).

You will find a web-sized .PDF attached below for immediate download as well as the current Topic Deadlines and Guidelines document.

Diocesan communications is regularly receiving requests for Topic subscriptions so here is the link to the subscription page on the AJ's website. By following this link, filling out the information and following the prompts you will be able to subscribe to print copies of Topic and the AJ.

We are also grateful for the many supportive emails and phone calls regarding the special 50th Anniversary Topic edition that was delivered with the AJ in mid-February. We have a good supply of extra copies and would be happy to share them. Please send an email request if you would like more for your parish or for friends.


Please find downloadable below the Deadlines and Guidelines document for 2020. An helpful read for folks wishing to submit content for consideration to be printed in Topic.