Archdeacon: The Ven. Christine Rowe
Regional Dean: The Rev. John Marsh

This is the second report from parishes within the diocese of New Westminster regarding their ministry. Last month's TOPIC reported what parishes in Burrard Deanery nearer downtown Vancouver were doing; this month we highlight the parishes on the east side of Vancouver.

The information has been collected by Bettina Gruver, Diocesan Program Co-ordinator, and comes from files, websites, personal experience, and mostly from parishes who shared their ministries via the recent "Sharing Our Ministry Questionnaire." Many of the ministries of parishes have been carried out in partnership with Stewards in Action.

St. Mathias & St. Luke

680 West 49th Ave. The parish is inter-cultural, offering worship services in English, Cantonese and Mandarin in its location in the Oakridge neighborhood of Vancouver. Services range from traditional to contemporary and are supported by a choir and a praise team. Parishioners take part in Bible study (offered in several languages), children and youth ministries, prayer groups, and language classes. Scouts and AA are welcomed in the parish facilities. In 2001, an evangelical camp was supported by a grant from Stewards in Action.


St. Margaret, Cedar Cottage

1530 East 22nd Ave. The parish works closely with their Cedar Cottage Neighborhood House on issues in the Kensington-Cedar Cottage area, and with the City Visions Committee to build a better Cedar Cottage neighborhood in the Knight Street, Kingsway corridor. Their outreach is primarily to build relationships with the neighborhood and they do this informally, also with the residents in the St. Margaret's Apartments. The parish received two city grants, one for a street festival and one for signs to celebrate the neighborhood. The parish opens its door to Debtors Anon, Sexual Recovery Anon, Environmental Task Force on the Americas, Pre-school and other non-profit groups.


Holy Cross, Vancouver

4580 Walden St. This inter-cultural parish, located east of Hillcrest Park, includes a Japanese community. On Sundays, there is one bilingual worship service and one in Japanese. A meal program for families is offered as well as help with clothing needs. The parish facilities are used by AA and The Sakura Singers, a Japanese community choir. In 1998, one of their teens took part in the Jars of Clay youth leadership program offered through Stewards in Action. In 2001, SIA supported Holy Cross' new Alpha program.


St. Thomas, Vancouver

2444 East 41st Ave. St. Thomas' in the south of Vancouver offers sung worship services with contemporary music once a month. There is intentional outreach to Vancouver's Spanish speaking community through a Spanish language service every Sunday at noon. The parish opened its hall to a weekly meeting of young aboriginal men and women attending AA and DrugAnon.


St. Mary South Hill

808 East 50th Ave. St. Mary's serves its surrounding community in south Vancouver (E. 50th) and shares its church with a Romanian Orthodox congregation. The parish has close ties to the Holy Family Hospital, and a service of Holy Communion is held there weekly. Low-income housing is provided to the community by suites in the old rectory. The parish facilities are used by a ballet dance school and a pre-school.


Good Shepherd

808 East 19th Ave. Good Shepherd on E. 19th Ave. worships in both English and Cantonese with an extensive music ministry, involving children and adults. A network of House Groups covers every age group. Ministries include language classes, a Women Support Group, ping pong fellowship and parents' appreciation night. The River Christian Association is renting the parish facilities for services and group work. In the early 90's, the Women's Support Group and the Chinese radio broadcast (forerunner to Enoch) were launched with support from Stewards in Action. The Enoch Youth Outreach Society received financial support for its ministries from 1999 to 2002. SIA funded the Women's Support Group, a Youth Gospel Camp and an evangelical meeting in 2001