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Many thanks to Elly Roselle, who at the request of Alberta Rudolf, ODNW, Board Secretary of the Diocese of New Westminster's Anglican Church Women sent in this photo of the panel that appeared at St. Dunstan's, Aldergrove, February 29, 2020. The Moderator was retired teacher, Cathy Peters whose mantra for her activism is "a modern society does not buy and sell women and children." The event was promoted throughout the diocese beginning in late 2019. Approximately 50 people were in attendance on a sunny, Saturday afternoon.

In the photo from left to right beginning with the front row: Lynne Kent, Co-chair for Vancouver Collective Against Sexual Exploitation (VCASE); Cathy Peters, Moderator; Tara Teng, BC Director of the Joy Smith Foundation; Paige Letendre, Resist Exploitation/Embrace Dignity (REED); Sandra Harrison, Shared Hope International; Jenny Shatz, Inner Hope Youth Ministries; Nigel Brigman, Servants Anonymous (Dr. Brigman is a dentist who treats women leaving the sex trade and also treats their children); Matt Ryper, Men's Leader/Addressing Pornography; Simon Bodlack, concerned citizen and father of four.

Alberta Rudolf reported that the presentation was informative and inspiring with a great deal of new information communicated about the pornography industry in competition with the sex industry now targeting children as young as 11 and also targeting women. She shared that Cathy Peters is on a global research team addressing pornography and working toward the goal of making it impossible for those under the age of 19 to access pornography. Some success has been achieved in the UK, Australia and South Africa and it is hoped that Canada and the USA will follow.

Langley/Aldergrove MP, Tako Van Popta was in attendance.

You are encouraged to follow the links shared in this post to find out more about the organizations fighting to eliminate human trafficking and sexual exploitation.