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Learning to Love

Many of our neighbours belong to a faith or spiritual tradition different from ours. As followers of Jesus, part of our Christian vocation is to love our neighbours as we love ourselves. One important way to love is to learn about what our neighbours do, believe, practice and celebrate. The Multifaith Action Society yearly calendar is a great resource to do just that.

While the Diocese of New Westminster does not publish this resource, it is one that is used by many people to build understanding and trust among peoples of differing faith and spiritual traditions. 

From the Multifaith Action Society webpage:

"Proudly published annually by the Multifaith Action Society for 36 years, the acclaimed Multifaith Calendar combines comprehensive information relating to world religions, their spiritual traditions and observances with beautiful, community-sourced artwork to create a unique and compelling product with outstanding educational and artistic value."

You can order a calendar through the Multifaith Action Society website emailing here. You can also visit the Multifaith Action Society website.

The Diocese of New Westminster does not receive any funds from the sale of these calendars.

With Love,

the Reverend David Taylor, co-chair of the Ecumenical-Multifaith Unit of the Diocese of New Westminster