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Resources for Mission is producing its first ever webinars, (on-line teaching units) for parish and diocesan leaders. The series: Engaging Volunteers in Ministry: A Deeper View of Stewardship consists of three sessions-- September 17th, 24th and October 1st.

You have asked in our annual interviews over the years for some good stewardship education resources and this series focuses on the stewardship of lay peoples' time and talents in church settings. We waste so much time of those in ministry, and can so easily turn people off or burn people out in the parish and diocesan setting. And then they leave, or fade away.

Marilyn MacKenzie, a well-known Canadian workshop presenter and writer in the field of volunteer engagement, will join me in presenting these webinars. We have been doing workshops on this topic for several years in nearby dioceses, and this is a way to share insights with many more people.

Please try to share this news with as many people as you can. Information can be found on the General Synod Website. Please click this link for BIO AND REGISTRATION INFORMATION.

The best way for people to be involved is if they watch the webinars in a small group together and then spend some time afterwards talking about what they have learned. But it's also designed, of course, for people to watch on their own and then build a team to apply that knowledge later in their church setting.