Monday, July 5th at Mount Olive Lutheran Church in White Rock, the Reverend Dr. Greg Mohr was ordained Bishop of the British Columbia Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Canada. The liturgy featured outstanding music supplied by skilled musicians and singers, among them, the all male voice choir Chor Leoni under the direction of Diane Loomer (Bishop Greg is a longtime member of the choir).
The sermon preached by The Rev. Susan Johnson, National Bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada was inspiring and entertaining.
In her opinion the readings that an ordinand chooses for their service, say a great deal about the person being ordained and the direction of their ministry.
Greg chose: Isaiah 61 1-41 Corinthians 15: 1-11 and John 13: 2-17
Bishop Susan referenced the first words of the Gospel, “The devil had already put it into the heart of Judas son Simon Iscariot to betray him.” After reciting the words she looked empathetically at Greg and said “You poor thing, already, you know how hard this job can be.”
According to his scripture choices Greg will display a commitment to Social Justice, he will exhibit humility and be a “team-player” and he already understands that a primary function of being a bishop is to serve.
The newly ordained Bishop Greg Mohr is an excellent choral singer so Bishop Susan referenced that fact in her address, advising Greg to use seven key principles of choral singing in his life as a bishop:

1. There are many voices in the choir and each singer thinks their part is the most important.
2. A choir must have a director, Greg will be the director of this synod and it will be hard to make difficult choices and deal with difficult people but in Bishop Susan’s words “this is what you get paid for.”
3. In a choir there are musical terms used. In church there are specific and important words, that’s why Greg was given a Bible.
4. Timing is important. There is nothing worse than “coming in too soon.” Listen to God and trust your instincts.
5. The key that a piece is written in is important and the key can change often and quickly so listen carefully to discern the “tone” of the synod. Continue to ask “How are things?”
6. Showing up matters. In the life on the church people will want to see you and remember there will be more requests than there is time so be prepared for that.
7. It’s not all about you. That’s why you are in a choir and not a soloist. You have many partners, rely on your colleagues.
Bishop Susan concluded by thanking the congregation, reminding everyone that their presence that night is a commitment to pray for Greg and support him in his ministry.
In the top photo we see Greg preparing for ordination in the middle of a circle of Bishops from both the ELCiC and the ACC.

The Bishops welcome the new Bishop. Bishop Greg Mohr
is second from right in the front row
ACC Bishops present were: The Rt. Rev. Barbara Andrews
first on left in the second row, The Most Rev. John Privett
third from left in the second row, and to his right, The Rt. Rev. Mark MacDonald.