Bishop Michael Ingham has appointed Randy Murray to the position of Diocesan Communications Officer as of July 15. For the last 7 years Murray has occupied the Communications and Development job at Christ Church Cathedral.
Randy succeeds Neale Adams who is retiring after 9 years in the position.
As Communications Officer, Murray will be responsible for Topic, the Diocesan newspaper, the website, media relations and parish and committee support. Prior to and during his years at the Cathedral Murray was a professional musician who garnered some attention as a replacement member in the Canadian classic rock band, BTO from 1991-2005. Prior to and during his years in BTO, Murray was a broadcaster working on-air at Central Interior Radio in Prince George, BC where he hosted an open line program and co-hosted a morning drive show.
Randy was selected from 28 candidates who submitted applications between May 10 and May 22nd. Randy is a lifelong Anglican and remains on the Parish Roll at Christ Church Cathedral.