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It was announced on Sunday, September 6, 2020 that the Reverend Jonathan Pinkney has been appointed Assistant Curate at Christ Church Cathedral and will begin his ministry there September 8. Jonathan completed his studies with an M Div at Vancouver School of Theology in May, 2020 and has served a part-time curacy with the Reverend Stephen Laskey at St Helen, Surrey.

Jonathan succeeds the Reverend André Stephany who began his new ministry as Rector of St. Clement, Lynn Valley September 1.

Here are some details about the newest member of the Cathedral’s clergy team:

Jonathan joins the Cathedral having spent the last 3 years at St Helens, Surrey, as a Seminary Student, Parish Deacon and Curate. Jonathan undertook and completed 7 full years of education after moving to Canada. His education included an Arts degree, Clinical Pastoral Education and  Masters of Divinity graduating from Vancouver School of Theology in 2020. Jonathan was ordained priest in January of 2020 fulfilling a call of nearly 10 years discernment that involved leaving family, a career in business and a life in Cheshire, England. In 2013, Jonathan and his wife Lauren moved to Canada after having visited close friends in Vancouver and falling in love with the beauty of BC.

Jonathan was raised in an evangelical church by devout Christian parents, however, he was drawn to the Anglican Church through liturgy and the beauty of the sacraments. After studying at St Mark’s College and worshipping and serving in the Diocese of New Westminster at St. Helen’s, St. Alban’s Burnaby, and St. Anselm’s UBC, Jonathan has experienced a broad spectrum of Anglican worship which he uses to engage people who have experienced diverse worship styles. He is drawn to theological conversation and listening to different perspectives.

Jonathan loves working with people of all ages.  He is a co-founder, guitarist and worship leader for the Young Adult Ministry: Infinitely More, in the Diocese of New Westminster. Active in youth ministry and leadership through the years, Jonathan’s experience ranges from his ministry in the UK at the national level as Treasurer for the Church of England Youth Council, to his involvement as a member of the Diocesan Youth Movement, and weekends at the Sorrento Centre.  Jonathan has realized a vocation for building community and facilitating a safe place for people to ask questions and explore their faith. Having completed his CPE and done some volunteering on the Downtown Eastside, Jonathan has honed his skills in Pastoral Care and takes seriously the call we all have to be the hands and feet of Christ in the world. Jonathan is excited for this next chapter,  is eager to join the team, explore new areas of ministry, and take part in the diverse and thriving community at the Parish of Christ Church, Vancouver.

Photo of the Reverend Jonathan Pinkney by Lauren Odile Pinkney