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Since 2010, the Diocese of New Westminster has implemented a Screening in Faith policy  for all parishes and ministries. The Policy aims to protect ‘the vulnerable’ (children; youth; physically, mentally, or psychologically vulnerable adults) and to minimize risk of harm in parish ministries.

Continued compliance with Screening in Faith is part of the life of all parishes in the diocese. As both clergy and lay leaders change, so does the parish’s level of experience and familiarity with Screening in Faith. It is the responsibility of the organizational leadership in the parish (incumbent / priest-in-charge, wardens) to ensure that screening standards are maintained on a regular basis.

To help new leaders, who may not be familiar with the policy, a new Guide to the Screening Policy is now available for download. This short guide is designed to help leaders understand the components of the policy which need to be maintained, with step-by-step guidance and links to resources.

Click here to download the Guide to the Screening Policy for Parish Leaders

For the full Screening in Faith policy and other resources to assist parishes with its implementation, visit the HR/Screening section of the diocesan website.