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St John's with a new website has a new look and a brand new logo!  The logo designer, Taryl Geunter, is a local graphic designer who also works for Christ Church Cathedral downtown.  Working in conjunction with St. John’s rector, the Reverend Patrick Blaney and parish administrator,  Eleanor Rogers, Taryl came up with this new image for our church. 

What we were looking for was a design that would incorporate one of the most unique physical features of our church which is of course our green metal roof.  It is a bit of a landmark here in North Vancouver and we wanted to take advantage of that.  Taryl did this and much more.  She also juxtaposed the light of the sun, representing God's light in the world, to the light coming from inside the church, thus bringing the light of Christ in our church to the outside world.  We also wanted to incorporate the element of the mountains, which is distinctly North Vancouver.

We would like to thank Taryl for her work and we look to enjoy our new logo for many years to come.