The “Mary” window was donated by Cathedral parishioner Jean O’Clery in loving memory of her parents and the “Naval” windows were donated by Archdeacon Ronald Harrison. Archdeacon Harrison requested this opportunity of the Cathedral to mark his two years as national President of the Naval Officers Association of Canada and this is his way of observing the approaching centennial (the Royal Canadian Navy came into being in 1910). These windows add a maritime component to the “Regimental Colours memorial (east) alcove” in the Cathedral. The intent is to represent in badges and symbols the 100 years of Canadian naval service, including the Merchant Navy, in war and in peace, and the particular role of the Navy within the environs of this Diocese and the Pacific. The “Mary” window’s vibrant colours are striking and the use of a distinctly modern facial image is a refreshing change from the traditional.
(Photos courtesy of Wayne Chose)