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In preparation for the forthcoming Diocesan Synod, being held on May 24th and 25th at the Italian Cultural Centre, the Nominations Committee has issued a call for nominations for positions which will be elected this year, along with an introduction to the various roles.

The deadline for all nominations to be received is Friday 24th May at 2pm. (The deadline for biographical information to be circulated to Synod Delegates is earlier - Wednesday 15th May. Nominations received after this date may be circulated by name only)

Nominations are being sought for:

The Treasurer - The Treasurer is a member of Diocesan Council, serves as Chair of the Standing Committee on Management, Property & Finance and of two of its sub-committees. Regular meetings include one evening and one late afternoon meeting each month, and additional meetings from time to time.  

Archdeaconry Representatives to Diocesan Council - There are two Archdeaconry Representatives elected in each of the six archdeaconries, 1 Lay and 1 Clergy. At Synod, the registered Members of each Archdeaconry vote to elect members to Council from their own Archdeaconry. Terms are for two years. Archdeaconry Representatives are asked to:

  • attend meetings as scheduled and participate as active members of Diocesan Council;
  • communicate regularly with each of the parishes within their respective archdeaconry and keep members informed about diocesan, deanery and archdeaconry events;
  • in consultation with the Regional Archdeacon, and Regional Deans, participate in and help facilitate deanery and archdeaconry events.

Youth Representatives to Diocesan Council - Two youth representatives to be elected to serve a two-year term. Nominees must be between the ages of 15 and 25 years old on May 24, 2019.

The Board of Discipline - A total of six members of the Board of Discipline (3 Lay and 3 Priests) to be elected to serve a two-year term. The Board is at the call of the Diocesan Bishop or Commissary.

  • Lay nominees must be at least 26 years old and communicant members of the diocese for at least the last three years;
  • Priests must be ordained for at least 10 years or have served in this diocese at least two years.

The Bishop’s Advisory Committee on Appointments  - The Bishop’s Advisory Committee on Appointments advises the Bishop about appointments and assignments in the diocese. Six people are to be elected: 3 Clergy for a two-year term 3 Lay for a two-year term

Secretaries of Synod Two people to be elected: 1 Lay and 1 Clergy. Attendance for minute-taking is required at all Synods.

The Anglican Initiatives Fund Administrators - Four people to be elected: 2 Lay and 2 Clergy (should the recommended addition of one clergy and one lay member pass Second Reading)

Individuals seeking election to these roles must be nominated by a member of Synod, but they do not need to be members of Synod themselves.

In their letter calling for nominations, the Committee also notes that: "Our hope is to have our diocese’s many forms of diversity reflected in its leadership, and to have a robust list of candidates from which to choose. We encourage you to consider especially those who have the necessary gifts but may not yet have had the chance to serve in a diocesan capacity... We invite parish clergy to meet with their Church Committee and to look within their parish to identify suitable nominees for this ministry in our diocese. Note that the nominee is required to consent to the nomination in writing."

This year the Committee is also asking that each nominee provide a more detailed biography and if possible; a passport style photograph. Their hope is that this will allow members of Synod to identify the candidates and offer a more informed choice. The updated biographical section appears on the reverse side of the Nomination Form.


Click here to download the 2019 Nomination Form


Click here to download the letter from the Nominations Committee


The Synod 2019 page is being regularly updated with information and updates about this year's Synod. You can download the list of nominations received to date on the Synod page.

If you have any questions about the nominations and elections process, please contact the Ven. Philippa Segrave-Pride, the Chair of the Nominations Committee.