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Many thanks to Hilary Clark, St. Stephen's, West Vancouver's reporter for forwarding a few snaps from St. Stephens's Palm Sunday liturgy and a couple of photos from the Sunrise Easter morning Eucharist celebrated at Garry Point adjacent to St. Francis-in-the-Wood in West Vancouver's Caulfeild neighbourhood.




  • Palm Sunday music is led by Dr. Annabelle Paetsch at the piano, the Choir and a guest trumpet player
  • The Venerable Stephanie Shepard with the chalice. The Body of Christ, the bread of Communion and grapes instead of wine were shared from a basket. Very chilly at 6am.


  • Rector of St. Stephens, the Reverend Ken Vinal leads the Liturgy of the Palms in the courtyard.
  • Members of the congregation in the courtyard
  • A photo of Carol Harrington on Garry Point at 6am Easter Day

Photos by John Ruddick and Submitted by Hilary Clark from Carol Harrington.