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Congratulations to the Parish of St. Clement, Lynn Valley and their Deacon, the Reverend Peggy Trendell-Jensen, the parish's communicator.

March 20, the parish launched their new digital magazine , Lively Spirit. 

According to Rev. Trendell-Jensen:

"It's our effort to be the "church in the world" and to celebrate God at work in our community in ways that may or may not be connected with the church. And finding the common threads in the Christian narrative and the life of the neighbourhood. And also about helping people learn the Christian story, as we can no longer assume any particular level of familiarity. Our primary audience is the people outside the church walls."

In the post on the St. Clement's website, Rev. Trendell-Jensen offers a summary of the content:

"In the Spring edition of Lively Spirit, you'll find stories about local pilgrims (and how you can be one, too!), springtime arts and crafts, a Mother's Day writing challenge, information about the amazing work of the Spectrum Mothers Support Society, and more. Woven amidst it all are reflections from scripture and a telling of the Easter story for readers who may not be familiar with it."

This premiere edition actually follows an earlier offering referred to as a teaser released in early February. Here is a link to that very first issue.

 The formatting utilizes software and works extremely well.

If you would like to subscribe to Lively Spirit please send an email to

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