Leonard Mack McFerran, 79, known in his later years as "Bishop Mack," died May 3 in Vancouver. Born in Ontario, he was associated with St. James' Vancouver as a social work priest in the late 1950s. He worked as a chaplain at the Central City Mission, a counselor at the Alcoholiism Foundation and set up several alcoholism clinics.

He spent time in New Zealand and as Dean of the Yukon, but always returned to Vancouver.

After retirement he left the Anglican Church of Canada and joined the Old Catholic Church where he was elected an auxiliary bishop. His requiem mass took place at St. James' on May 12.

Lundy Sanderson, 77, priest and broadcaster, died in April in Nanaino. He had served the parishes of St. Laurence, Coquitlam, All Saints, Burnaby, and Christ the King, Burnaby.

Lundy was born in Kamloops, BC. In his early career he was a late night broadcaster He later worked at the BC Institute of Technology and was also a founding member of the Broadcast Educators Association of Canada.

In recent years, despite ill health, he officiated as a priest in various nursing homes near Qualicum Beach, the community he retired to in the late 1980s.