With the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic and the first suspension of onsite worship in diocesan parishes on March 22, the fate of the 2020 ODNW Investiture event although not on the immediate priority list was very much on the minds of diocesan leadership and Synod staff. As the spring of 2020 moved into summer, the infection, hospitalization, and fatality numbers decreased, the lockdown ended and parishes began to introduce onsite worship with limited attendance. At that point Archbishop Skelton and staff developed a plan to celebrate the new members of the ODNW in a series of six liturgies to take place in a church located in each of the diocesan regional archdeaconries. The investiture liturgies would take place once a month, October, November and December on a Saturday two at a time, morning and afternoon. A liturgy was developed and a careful plan was organized that would include robust coverage by diocesan communications, complete with still photographs of the recipients, and edited video coverage of the six liturgies to circulate following the last scheduled investiture on December 5.

As with the previous nine ODNW Investitures, the majority of parishes (44) submitted a nominee (each of the 66 parishes is permitted one nominee per cycle) and Archbishop Skelton chose nine Bishop’s Nominees (the diocesan canon that created the ODNW, Canon 22, permits the diocesan bishop to nominate up to 10 members of the diocese for investiture) and for 2020 there was one Honorary Nominee.

Well as summer concluded the infection rates grew and the regional investiture plan was scrapped. Instead, Archbishop Skelton encouraged each parish with nominees to conduct the investitures in a way that would be most comfortable for all involved online, onsite with reduced attendance all involved masked and physically distancing.

(We refer you to the Overview page linked here for more information about the 2020 process)

Archbishop Skelton recorded a video sermon and that was circulated along with a downloadable .PDF of the text. An Order of Service bulletin was also created and included with the materials for parishes.

The timeline for ODNW Investitures has always been within the “octave” of All Saints Day, the eight days surrounding November 1 and that timeline was again suggested for 2020, although it was understood that this may not be possible for all parishes in 2020. However, the majority of the parishes with nominees did celebrate the investitures on November 1 and from the materials received by diocesan communications the liturgies were successful.

Here are those invested into the Order for 2020

Parish Nominees

Ms Wendy Elizabeth Bain

St Stephen, West Vancouver

Wendy is one of the longest serving members of St Stephen’s having joined in 1951 at age 15.   69 years later she remains an active and core member of the St Stephen’s parish community.  Wendy has contributed to parish life in a broad span of ways.  She is an active member of the Altar Guild, a steward, a greeter, a chalice assistant, and she convenes the Pastoral Care Team and coordinates the parish’s support for Harvest Project.  And, she does it all with a warm smile!

Mrs Judith Margaret (Judy) Beale

All Saints, Mission

Judy’s involvement in the church has been long and extensive.  She has served as a Sunday School teacher, Treasurer, Parish Office Manager, Synod Delegate, Peoples’ and Rector’s Warden.  Her love of the church and its people is evident in the many projects she has completed, including Education for Ministry, negotiating a contract between All Saints and St. Andrew’s United, and the installation of an elevator, solar panels, new LED lights, and flooring.  Judy is a dedicated and valuable member of the All Saints family.

Mrs Sylvia Bradley

St John the Apostle, Port Moody

A native of England, Sylvia has worshipped and volunteered with St. John’s for 62 years, serving in almost every ministry and participating in many fundraising events. Active in the ACW, including as President and Secretary, she has hosted a video of the ACW’s history at St. John’s. Sylvia has a great memory for past events, given her long association with the church and, as de facto parish historian, graciously shares her knowledge and wisdom with anyone wishing to learn.

Mrs Elizabeth Sarah Burns

St Philip, Dunbar

Since 1983, Sarah has held every leadership role: reading, singing, teaching, leading Jones Girls and Altar Guild, serving as Warden and Trustee, Rummage Sales coordinator, and Christmas cake baker! Her leadership and organisational flair were clearly demonstrated when, as member of the Coordinating Team for General Synod 2019, Sarah helped organise the much-acclaimed final banquet. She is infectiously warm, wise, patient, kind and good humoured; in short, St Philip’s loves Sarah to bits!

Mrs Ely Corales Cato

St Margaret, Cedar Cottage

From the time she was young Ely has been an active and faithful participant in many ministries in the Anglican church. She has volunteered at a weekly Food Bank, been a member of church committee and can always be counted on to set up and clean up for parish events. She decorates the church for Christmas, is a member of the altar guild and a Eucharistic administrator. Her warm smile and her joyful and caring nature are a constant blessing to St. Margaret, Cedar Cottage.

Mr Douglas (Doug) Chivers

St Anselm, Vancouver

Doug goes above and beyond in his dedication to the parish and its welcoming presence, welcoming in new people as he was welcomed. Be it garden work, repairs large and small, reading, cleaning and fixing structural issues, Doug puts his passion for hard work to the work of God’s greater glory- always with a smile. Doug never fails to show up to do what he’s agreed to do, and doesn’t rest until the job is done right.  And yes, he’d love a cookie!

Mr Tony Garnet Joseph Cook

St George, Fort Langley

Tony has been a dedicated, faithful parishioner at St George, Fort Langely, since 1991. He has served on Parish Council and currently serves as Sidespersons’ Co-ordinator, Intercessor and Reader. Tony helps with the Christmas Bazaar and Spring Fair, organizes the Men’s Club dinners and co-ordinates Coffee Hour refreshments. With his wife, Pat, he organizes the cooking for the Fall Salmon Barbecue, Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper and the annual Picnic. Tony is appreciated by a thankful parish who believe he is most deserving of this honour.

Mrs Barbara Dawson

St Faith, Vancouver

Barbara has been a faithful member of the Parish of St. Faith’s since 1996. She was President of the Altar Guild for over fifteen years, a member of Church Committee, and still serves as Envelope Secretary. Barbara’s gracious presence is difficult to capture with words. She is always ready to assist in her cheerful and thoughtful manner. She is a constant “behind the scenes” contributor to the beauty of our worship. Barbara exemplifies a servant’s heart.

Mr Anthony James (Tony) Dodd

St Catherine, Capilano

A talented musician with a warm personality, Tony has been a valued and important member of the congregation at St. Catherine’s for more than twenty years. He has served in many roles, twice as People’s Warden and for several terms on Parish Council, as a lay delegate to Synod, a eucharistic administrator, sidesperson, intercessor, and above all as a key member of the parish pastoral care team. He is a lively, and giving Christian pilgrim.

Mr William George (Bill) Douglas

All Saints, South Burnaby

Bill brings a hearty can-do attitude and warm supportive spirit in his 34 years of ministry at All Saints, South Burnaby.  His varied tasks in the past years include visiting and engaging with local businesses to support the parish’s Christmas silent auction to cooking food for the major fundraisers during the year. Bill gets the job done while supporting and uplifting other people’s spirits through his humor, stories, and encouragement. His commitment, dedication and strong faith in God inspires everyone.

Ms Judith Baron Downes

St John, Shaughnessy

Judith is a lawyer and she has brought her skills and abilities in her professional work into her involvement and commitment to the parish of St. John, Shaughnessy.  She has a busy career but as the Rector’s Warden, she somehow finds time to review financial statements, rewrite parish by-laws, attend countless meetings and be a greeter and lector at the Sunday Eucharist.  She has enormous skill, patience and expertise which she has generously offered to help build up this growing and vital parish. 

Mr George Leslie (Les) Edmonds

St Mark, Ocean Park

Since 1994 Les has continually taken care of what needs doing around St Mark’s, quietly and without expecting recognition.  Twice annually he gathers dozens of prize donations from local businesses for church barbeques. Les’ effusive, positive and funny Sunday announcements are well loved.  He has served as an Alternate Delegate, Lay Delegate, and a Trustee, and a founding member of the Journey of Christmas.  Les is a cheerful giver with a servant heart who is a treasure to St Mark’s.

Mrs Deborah Edwards

St Thomas, Chilliwack

Deb is a generous, intelligent, and committed contributor to all manner of St. Thomas, Chilliwack’s common life.  It is Deb’s special gift to be an important contributor in different areas at just the right time!  Whether it is enabling the youth group to take a step in ministry that it couldn’t without her help, or enabling the financial footing of the parish to be more stable, Deb is the person that St. Thomas has looked to time and again.

Colin Ensworth

St Thomas, Vancouver

Colin has been a faithful and energetic member of St Thomas, Vancouver his entire adult life.  His spiritual development was deeply influenced by the Cursillo movement, which formed him as a lay leader.  He taught Sunday school for fifteen years, and has been a member of the Parish Council since 1978, currently serving as Vestry Clerk.  Colin’s irreverent sense of humour and deep care for all people has kept the parish’s ministry grounded and real.

Ms Frances Elaine Fagan

Church of the Holy Trinity, White Rock

Fran willingly shares her gifts of grace, wisdom, patience, gentleness, compassion and achievement. She exemplifies servant-leadership, is an inspiration to her Christian family, and her great faith is her enduring strength.  As People’s Warden, Fran provides understanding, encouragement and a shoulder, when needed. The safety and care of Church staff are close to her heart.  She can connect with parishioners of all ages.  As Chair of Synod Planning, her support for the process, fresh ideas and organizational acumen are remarkable.

Mrs Mary Ann Fee

St Christopher, West Vancouver

Mary Ann has volunteered constantly at St Christopher’s since the early 1980s, including 23 years as Treasurer.  On a Sunday before Christmas 2019, her volunteer duties collided in a “perfect storm”.  She was on Altar Guild Duty, administered Communion, served on the hospitality team and at the last minute, was asked to count the collection.  She weathered the “storm” with her usual high energy and a helping hand to those around her.  She is truly a gift to the parish.

Ms Francesca (Fran) Froehlich

All Saints, Agassiz

Fran feels called to a life-long ministry of service.  She is motivated by love from, and for, the Creator.  Her personal mission is “to better the world through helping others in order to counteract the falsehoods of society”.  She is the embodiment of living Jesus’ love in her life while seeking reconciliation and wholeness as a happy person who enjoys life, family and culture.

Mrs Christine (Chris) Goater

St Cuthbert, Delta

Chris was key to starting the compassionate “Front Room” and “Positive Haven” food programmes for the homeless, destitute and needy in Surrey’s inner city.  She coordinates a church outreach programme at a North Delta senior care facility.  She was the Mothers’ Union Branch Leader for 15 years.  Chris has been a volunteer office administrator, receptionist, pastoral care leader, Parish Council member, Altar Guild member, sidesperson, greeter, prayer station member, Alpha Course helper, is currently also a lay assistant.

Mr Leo David Golden

St Michael, Surrey

Leo's nickname at church is "Mr. Breakfast". He began a "post service“ breakfast fellowship that started in parishioners' homes and continues at Ricky's Restaurant years later. Through his 30 years at St. Michael's, he helped renovate the original church building. He has been an elected Trustee to Church Council since 2012 where he assists as a contract negotiator. Leo is a lay administrator and reader. He is devoted to his family. People are his joy.

Ms Amy Grace Grant

St Paul, Vancouver

Amy joined St. Paul’s Altar Guild in 1975 and continues to make sure that everything required for our worship is present, in place and in good condition. She has risen to the challenge of accommodating successive clergy coming with their own very definite liturgical preferences and styles!  Amy served on Church Committee, is a regular chalice bearer and helps organise hospitality for our New Year’s Day celebrations. Throughout, she has been dependable, friendly, and willing. St Paul’s says: “Thank you, Amy!”.

Ms Joan Harvey

Holy Trinity, Vancouver

Joan is very much a participant. Holy Trinity benefits from her hard work, culinary skill, and warm nature. She is amongst the first to volunteer. She is a Barnabas – an encourager of others; the epitome of a reliable, committed Anglican.  Her favourite Bible verse is “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” Joan says: “Sunday is not Sunday without being able to go to Church.”.

Mrs Patricia Henderson

St Timothy, Brentwood

A “people person”, Pat connects with people, listens, and empathizes. She is happy keeping in touch and being involved in people’s lives—and they are happy to have her in theirs.  She has been utilizing her “people skills” for well over forty years at St. Timothy, running the phone tree (keeping everyone informed and connected) and the share chart (ensuring that all Sunday’s jobs are filled), and multiple terms as a warden, on the altar guild, and on parish council.

Marianne Ruth Huestis

St Mary Magdalene, Vancouver

It’s hard to think of something that Marianne HASN’T done or a position she hasn’t held over the years at St. Mary Magdalene and St. Mark, Kitsilano before that. Musician, Warden, Treasurer, taxi driver or gardener, she brings a positive, can-do determination to any challenge, be it arranging a Christmas dinner for 150 or serving on the committee everyone dreads. She sees the potential in people and places and helps them make it happen.

Mrs Noreen Beverley Jones

St Dunstan, Aldergrove

Noreen works passionately behind the scenes at St. Dunstan’s. Her compassion for the people who attend the Thursday Community Meal shines through as she tends to the vegetables, prepares the meal, and sets the tables. Noreen is genuine at heart and loves to hear the stories of those around her. Like her grandmother and her mother, she believed that everyone has a place at the table. As she says:  “Nobody should go hungry; it doesn’t matter if they have 2 legs or 4!”.

Mrs Fay Klassen

St Mary the Virgin, Sapperton

Fay is a quiet, gentle lady who is a very large presence at St. Mary’s. She is supposed to be retired, but we still look to her when we need background information. Fay`s ACW experience has proved to be invaluable as St. Mary`s ladies re-establish a women’s group. She is responsible for organizing many successful fundraising activities over the years. In fact there are very few of the many volunteer opportunities available at St. Mary`s where she hasn`t been involved.

Mrs Rebecca (Becki) Mae Kozol

St George, Maple Ridge

Rebecca has blessed St. George, Maple Ridge for 40 years, in ministries of Sunday School, Youth Group, Vacation Bible School, Music, Prayer Team, and being a member of Parish Councils, Synods, EfM and ACW. She shepherded the parish into technology, especially in workshops for seniors, the first of which had three participants over 90! Becki says she often asks God for patience, and he gives her constant opportunities to practice it! St. George is grateful for that patience and her faith in action!

Mrs Valerie (Val) Krause

St Stephen the Martyr, Burnaby

Val became a member of St. Stephen’s in 1985 and has not stopped since that time. As a direct result of her family’s lifelong support of the Anglican Church, Val is a faithful participant in every aspect of church life. She has guided her three children and now her grandchildren in the way of “church” and remains very active with many Parish ministries, including serving as Warden and co-coordinating major fundraisers. Ask Val for help and her answer is “YES”.

Ms Shirley Marcino

St Agnes, North Vancouver

Shirley has been a faithful and hard-working member of St. Agnes for 40 years. She has held the position of People’s Warden and has participated in the weekly services as both intercessor and reader. As treasurer of the Altar Guild she has ordered flowers and kept the books.   Shirley’s outreach work has included welcoming and assisting  refugee families find housing and medical services, providing lunches and warm clothing for the  Lookout Shelter, and visiting parishioners in hospital and care homes.

Mr Ian McBeath

St Francis-in-the-Wood, West Vancouver

Ian is a man full of faith who has shown himself faithful.  He loves Jesus and has committed his life to serving him. He ably demonstrated this by his terms as Churchwarden and Trustee, as well as founding and organizing a Men’s Breakfast group, and as the ‘quizmaster extraordinaire’ at the legendary pub quiz. Known for his tenaciousness and perseverance, Ian brings those qualities to whatever he takes on, assuring everyone that he will not stop until a good outcome is achieved.

Mr Stanley Bruce Middleton

St Catherine of Alexandria, Port Coquitlam

Since his arrival at St. Catherine’s in the early 1980’s, Bruce’s quiet, reflective and faithful personality, combined with a passion for Christian education for young people and bible study, have ingrained him into the parish. He is caring and compassionate and befriends the guests at the food bank and soup kitchen. Bruce contributes to parish life by serving many terms on council, including a term as warden, and serving as greeter, lay administrant and intercessor.  He is always quick to volunteer.

Mrs Muriel Minshall

St Laurence, Coquitlam

Muriel is a founding member of St Laurence.  Since 1963 she has contributed to adult Christian education programmes and served on the Prayer Link and Pastoral Care teams.  In 1993 Muriel earned a Master of Divinity degree from VST.  For the past twenty years, she has offered and coordinated Intercessions and Prayers for Healing during Sunday morning services.  Muriel’s kindness, humility, and deep spirituality, and her belief in the power of prayer, have been an immense gift to St Laurence. 

Mrs Dorothy Diane (Sue) Paege (Died January 8, 2023)

All Saints, Ladner

In 24 years at All Saints, Ladner, Sue has served on Church Committee as Rectors’ and Peoples’ warden to three Incumbents and two interim Priests.  Her nursing background enables her to bring a focused, empathetic, professional approach to ministry including Parish Health, Worship, Mission and Ministry, Bazaar, Community service, Messy Church, and Liturgical Arts.

Sue has participated enthusiastically and humbly in her parish ministry roles, inspiring and encouraging us with her personal faith, dedication, kindness and energy.

Mrs Judith Parkes

St Mary, Kerrisdale

Judith has been a member of the Diocese since 1955.  In the 1970s she was a counselor and Director at Camp Artaban.  She has sung in a number of Anglican Choirs including at  St Mary, Kerrisdale, where for 8 years she also convened the  annual Craft Fair.  She has been a Delegate to Synod and has served as President and Secretary of the Chancel Guild.  She continues to volunteer for the Kerrisdale Community Meal and volunteers at St. Jude’s Home.

Mrs Elizabeth Wendy Pearson

Christ Church, Hope

Wendy, a life-long Anglican, emigrated from England in the mid 1960’s, and has been a member of Christ Church, Hope since 1986. She has served in the work of the Altar Guild, where she was President for seven years, and the A.C.W., for which she has been kitchen convenor since 2003. She also enjoys visiting the sick and those who are shut in. Last year, she served on Parish Council.  Next year, is Wendy’s 35th anniversary as a member of the parish.

Mrs Birgit Petersen

Holy Trinity Cathedral, New Westminster

For the past fifteen years Birgit has been a purveyor of beauty, whether decorating the Cathedral for worship or the Parish Hall for a social event.  Her organizational skills and passion for the ministry of Holy Trinity Cathedral have found expression as a member of the Parish Council, as Bishop’s Warden, and currently as Associate Warden.  As the quintessential social convenor, Birgit is the person to call upon to make any parish social event sizzle and succeed.

Mrs Dauphne Leanne Power

St John the Baptist, Sardis

Leanne has been an active member of St. John’s, Sardis for 24 years with significant participation in liturgical ministries, outreach and support groups, fund raising and fellowship events. Her enthusiasm for all the activities for which she volunteers is a true example of leadership by example.  Known as St John’s reigning “Cookie Walk Queen” for helping to sell over $1000 of cookies in three hours at the annual craft fair.  She is a delight to have as a part of the parish community.

Dr Brian McCurdy Rocksborough-Smith

St James, Vancouver

Brian is a St James “lifer,” baptized and later married there.  As child and adult he has been actively involved across the board- Worship, Canterbury Fayres, Formation, EfM, Home Communions, Narthex, Trustee, Discernment and Canonical Committees, Parish Council Chair, Rector’s and Bishop’s Warden.  Brian’s depth of spirituality informs his pastoral care and concern for all, lay and clergy alike.  He exercises a singular ministry of encouragement, offering detailed and thoughtful feedback with a heart-beaming smile-he is St James’ own Barnabas! (Deceased January 13, 2021)

Dr Danilla Kodangos Severin

St Michael Multicultural, Broadway

Danilla's smiling face as a greeter on Sunday mornings at St Michael’s is appreciated by all, lighting up the narthex whether it is sunny outside or not. Danilla is Treasurer/Cashier of the monthly ACW fund-raising breakfast and she is one of three lay leaders for Evening Prayer, taking charge on those occasions when others are away.  She is also a good and faithful servant in the Meal Ministry and with the Mission to Seafarers.   Danilla is one of many modest, servant-leaders at St Michael’s.

Ms Maureen Patricia Shirley

St Barnabas, New Westminster

Maureen has been a parishioner at St Barnabas for over twenty years.  She has held many positions on committees, participated in bible and book studies, been a prayer leader, server, altar guild chair, and envelope secretary.  Serving as the People’s Warden and Rector’s Warden, Maureen is an important member of the Church Committee.  She has a practical and critical way of living that is grounded by her faith, love of neighhourhood, the parish and all who come to St Barnabas.

Ms Rosemary Anita Vera Stasiuk

St John the Divine, Maple Ridge

Wisdom, Counsel, Understanding, Endurance, Reverence, Knowledge, Awe of the Lord - Rosemary possesses these gifts of the Spirit. St John the Divine, Maple Ridge, has witnessed these gifts revealed in the many ministries in which she serves. Of all the gifts, we know the greatest is Love. Love fuels Rosemary’s care and dedication, and brings excellence to her work. Rosemary loves the people of St. John the Divine, and they love her right back.

Ms Dianne Stebbing

Church of the Epiphany, Surrey

Dianne has consistently and enthusiastically demonstrated her love and compassion serving God and the People in three parishes, St Thomas, St. Cuthbert's and the Church of the

Epiphany. Dianne’s participation has evolved over the years to include choir, intercessor, lay administrator, Sunday school coordinator, parish council, two terms as warden, and member of the building committee.  Dianne organized the children of Epiphany teaching prayer, baptism, God’s love, and the importance of Eucharist which led to 13 children celebrating their first communion.

Mr Larry Robert Maxwell Terrace

St Clement, Lynn Valley

Larry has been a dedicated parishioner and leader at St. Clement’s since 1980.  As a former Rector’s Warden, Treasurer, and Chair of many Church Committees, Larry has enthusiastically served the community of St. Clement’s for over forty years.  He has been a driving force behind many of the church’s successful fundraisers and anniversary dinners.  He has also organized several renovation and restoration projects, influencing both the parishioners and the appearance of the church itself.  Larry’s steadfast dedication inspires us all.

Mrs Lynn Marian Turner

St Helen, Surrey

Lynn has brought to the life of the church many talents and skills of leadership that promote organization of its membership for the well-being of the faith community.  Over many years she has demonstrated her own deep commitment of faith to draw out the best of individuals and challenge the parish to strengthen itself in order to reach out and participate in, and encourage the life of the surrounding community.

Ms Kathryn (Kate) Walker

Christ Church Cathedral

Kate is a social activist, parish leader, and environmentalist, who puts her foot on a bicycle pedal not a vehicle accelerator.  Every Tuesday for the past 21 years, she has offered pastoral comfort to patients and families at VGH.  On Wednesdays she leads a team of volunteers preparing food for Christ Church Cathedral’s Maundy Cafe.  She serves as a lay administrator, a member of the Healing Prayer Ministry and a coordinator of the Healing Touch Ministry.  She is known as warm, generous, and faithful.

Bishop’s Nominees

Mrs Pauline Ann Blachford

Bishop’s Nominee

St Mark, Ocean Park

For the past six years, Pauline has served as co-chair of the Bishop’s Friends.  In this capacity, she has been dedicated to assisting the Archbishop in achieving the goals of her episcopacy by planning fundraising dinners, securing auction prizes and graciously hosting guests during events that raised thousands of dollars for the Archbishop’s special projects.  Pauline has also contributed her business and sales expertise as a speaker at the “Inside Out Church” Mission Conference,  focussing on ‘heart selling’ and offering insight about sharing one’s faith with confidence and joy.

Mr Teofilo (Pilong) Bosaing

Bishop’s Nominee

St Michael’s Multicultural, Broadway

Pilong has been very involved at St Michael’s Multicultural, Broadway, where he is particularly known for his work with youth, teaching them Igorot songs and dances.  They have shared this ministry at the church, at the Episcopal Asian Ministry Conference in Hawaii in 2018, and at local cultural festivals, including at Surrey Museum.  Pilong finds true fulfillment in being a mentor to youth.  Pilong also took learning from the Diocesan School for Parish Development to start St Michael’s Welcoming Committee, extending a welcome not only to those here in the local community, but those who may be immigrating or visiting from the Philippines.  He is also a certified ship visitor with the Mission to Seafarers.

The Honorable Edward (Ted) Charles Chiasson

Bishop’s Nominee

Christ Church Cathedral

As a former justice of the BC Court of Appeal, Ted lent his legal expertise and forensic ability to assess statutory provisions to the Diocese’s Task Force on Constitution and Canons. That group’s thorough updating of the Constitution, Canons and Rules of Order, was ultimately approved unanimously by Diocesan Synod in May 2019. Ted has served as a Trustee at Christ Church Cathedral, and as a procedural advisor to Cathedral Priests-in-charge. Working extensively with the Archbishop, Ted chaired the Succession and Transition Committee tasked with establishing a process to identify and hire a new Rector for the Cathedral, and then served on the Search Committee.

Ms Sharon Lee Grove

Bishop’s Nominee

Holy Trinity, Vancouver

Sharon’s involvement at St Cuthbert, Delta, and Holy Trinity, Vancouver has been extensive, including as a sound operator, a Trustee and an emergency plumber.  But diocesan work brings her here today.  She has served on Diocesan Council, on the Canons and Constitution Committee, and on the Diocesan Evangelism Unit, and with Mission to Seafarers and at General Synod 2019.  Sharon has also accompanied the Archbishop on many of her parish visits, allowing her to explore the rich diversity of parish life in this diocese.

Ms Pamela Joan McElheran

Bishop’s Nominee

St Aidan and St Bartholomew, Gibsons

Pamela is a member of the Street Outreach Initiative Advisory Group, supporting this unique diocesan ministry and helping to organize fund raising events.  She has completed  several human resources consulting projects for the diocese.  Pamela was a founding member of the Bishop’s working group that secured funding, developed, and implemented the diocesan “Pro Mundi Vita” Retreat, now known as the “Vita Retreat”.  She continues as a facilitator and retreat leader and is proud that the Vita Retreat is now used in dioceses across Canada.  She serves as an examining chaplain for those discerning a call to ordained ministry.  All of this is in addition to Pamela’s commitment to the life and work of the parishes of which she has been a part. 

Mr Glen Mitchell (Died June 29, 2022)

Bishop’s Nominee

St Mary, Kerrisdale

At St. Mary’s Kerrisdale, in this diocese, nationally, and internationally, Glen has been a tireless steward and advocate for stewardship - raising and managing funds for the church’s mission.  He has served at all levels on committees too numerous to mention.  Glen is also a man of prayer, a musician, a reader, a Eucharistic minister, and has been a board member of Missions to Seafarers and Camp Artaban.   Passionate about social justice and human rights issues, he is a member of the Executive Committee of Cristosal where he serves as Secretary and on the board.  We all know Glen as “donorguy,”- the man who gives of himself.

Mrs Helen Gail Revitt

Bishop’s Nominee

St Cuthbert, Delta

Gail has been a leader of the Anglican Church Women for many years, in her parish of St Cuthbert, Delta, and then at ACW Place starting with the Social Action Committee. As a representative to the ACW Executive Board, she was then appointed Member for Social Action. From that appointment, she became Vice President for three years and is now serving a three year term as President of the Diocesan ACW, while continuing her interest in social action. The Anglican Church Women have branches in many churches in the Diocese and Gail is particularly encouraged by their support which provides used clothing to parishes in the Diocese of the Yukon and to local organizations, and their commitment to other charities through the Grains of Salt program.

Mr Kevin William Smith

Bishop’s Nominee

Christ Church Cathedral

Kevin Smith was collated as Vice-Chancellor of the Diocese on September 14, 2019. In that capacity, he frequently advises the Archbishop, Diocesan Staff, Diocesan Council and Parishes on a range of legal matters. He is a member of the Constitution and Canons Committee, and helped lead the revisions to the Diocesan Constitution, Canons, and Rules of Order which were passed at Diocesan Synod in May 2019. In addition to his Diocese-level responsibilities, Kevin is a Trustee of Christ Church Cathedral, and a Member of the Board of Directors of The 127 Society for Housing. Kevin is deeply honoured to be nominated to the Order, and especially proud to be joining his grandmother, Shelagh Smith ODNW of St. Anselm’s, as a Member.

Mr Kenneth Storozuk

Bishop’s Nominee

St John the Baptist, Sardis

Ken is an active member of St. John’s, Sardis, where he has been the Parish Treasurer for the past 9 years.  Ken is solely responsible for restructuring the parish financial program and reporting system, allowing for a greater understanding by members. He has served the parish as an effective council member, as Synod representative, on the Canonical Committee, and he is routinely active in parish fundraising, maintenance projects, and liturgical duties. In addition to his responsibilities at St. John’s, the Archbishop appointed Ken as her Warden to Christ Church, Hope from November 2018 to February 2020.  Ken brought his extensive parish experience, inclusive leadership style, enthusiasm, sense of humour, boundless energy, and unselfish benevolence, to his work there, using those qualities that have also endeared him to his home parish. 

Honorary Nominee

Captain Oscar Pinto

Honorary Nominee

(As of this posting in mid-December 2020 Captain Pinto has not yet been invested)

Captain Oscar Pinto began his sea career in 1973, and has had a distinguished career in the shipping industry.  He is currently a Director of Valles Steamship (Canada) and on the Board of the Chamber of Shipping of British Columbia.  Oscar has always exhibited a great concern for the welfare of the crew with whom he sailed and provided mentorship and support for all seafarers, especially those from his native India. This background served him well as a Director of the Board of the Mission to Seafarers of Vancouver from 2000-2007 and 2010-2019, for a total of 16 years of service. He was instrumental in the establishment of the Roberts Bank Seafarers Centre, acted as interim Chair through times of transition and brought his experience to the work of caring for the seafarers. Oscar is an active member of Sacred Heart Parish Roman Catholic Church in South Delta where he supports outreach projects to temporary migrant workers and the homeless and marginalized around Ladner.  Captain Pinto is honoured here for his ministry with the Mission to Seafarers.