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Citations as Read by the Warden of the Order, Mr. Robert Watt, ODNW

The investiture process was slightly different for 2015. With the executive archdeacon, the Venerable Douglas Fenton on study leave it was proposed to Bishop Skelton that all the archdeacons participate in the ceremony by investing the new members from their archdeaconries.
The Warden of the Order of the Diocese of New Westminster, Robert Watt, nominated in 2014, was presented with his insignia at the beginning of the Investiture Ceremony. The Very Reverend Peter Elliott, dean of the diocese and rector of Christ Church Cathedral read the citation and Bishop Skelton presented the medallion.

Mr. Robert Douglas Watt
Bishop’s Nominee (St Catherine, Capilano)

Robb has served as a Eucharistic administrator and intercessor, People’s Warden, and member of the Cathedral Chapter. He organized the celebration of St Catherine’s 60th Anniversary. As Warden of the Order of the Diocese of New Westminster, Robb has been present at every Investiture Service save one, and his usual task is reading the citations of those being invested. As the former Chief Herald of Canada, Robb created heraldry for cathedral churches and parishes across Canada, including this diocese.

Capilano Archdeaconry (The Ven. Lynne McNaughton)

Mrs. Julie Boardman
St Clement, North Vancouver

Julie coordinates the parish prayer chain. Prayerful and an excellent listener, she is a trusted spiritual companion. Julie is a reader in worship and a member of the Bible Study. She has been Sunday School Superintendent, Synod Delegate, Synod Alternate, People’s Warden and Rector’s Warden. A hard-working team player, Julie works quietly. She has a wry sense of humour, and can “hit the nail right on the head” in a way that builds community and puts things in perspective.

Ms Katherine Helena Campbell
St Agnes, North Vancouver

Kathy started her ministry by delivering mail to parishioners. This led to teaching and coordinating the Sunday School, Cursillo, two terms as warden, three canonical committees, and overseeing a major renovation. Her diocesan service includes being a Synod Delegate, Diocesan Council, the Stewards in Action Ministries Committee, and the North Vancouver Regional Council. Kathy and her husband operate an innovative parish wine-making system. She is on the Board of Sharing Abundance, a non-profit community meal programme


Mr Christopher John Funston
St Stephen, West Vancouver

On Parish Council for 22 years, Chris was been a long-serving Warden and Treasurer who facilitated the purchase of a rectory. He now works on Buildings and Properties and the Pastoral Care Committees, visits shut-ins, cooks the men’s breakfast, sets up tables and chairs, clears garbage, recycles, and prepares the Memorial Garden. Chris has leads worship when no priest is available and a monthly service at adult day care and has served on Diocesan Council and the Cathedral Chapter.

Ms Carolyn Eva Iker
St John the Evangelist, North Vancouver

Carolyn’s faith, rooted in contemplative prayer, guides her as a liturgical deacon, Eucharistic Administrator, intercessor, guest preacher and prayer warrior. Carolyn has mentored others through silent retreats, a meditation and spirituality group, and major conferences on women’s leadership and spirituality and health care. Throughout her nursing career, Carolyn has bridged the health sciences and spirituality using her gift for prayerful insight for healing those in spiritual and physical need.

Mrs. Mary Magdalen Kerr-Wilson
St Catherine, Capilano

Moving here in 1970, Maggie and her late husband Keith, opened their home with Prairie hospitality for bible studies, Supper Clubs, and the parish youth. She has worked in the ACW and the Altar Guild, on outreach, pastoral care, stewardship, Christian education, and Friendship Teas, and as a Lay Administrant. Maggie is known for her faith, kindness, humility, sense of humour, and her optimistic view of the Church.

Mrs Theresa Odishaw
St Francis-in-the-Wood, West Vancouver

Deeply-spiritual and self-effacing, Theresa is the assistant at every Sunday 8am service, and is an Intercessor, Reader, and Chalice Administrator. She is the Music Director’s assistant and a soprano soloist. Theresa does calligraphy for baptism and marriage certificates and teaches it to others. Her pastoral care ministry includes taking people to doctor’s appointments, delivering homemade soup, and singing in community care homes. Theresa compiled a booklet describing all of St Francis’ many ministries which led to a Ministry Fair.

Mrs Veronica Doreen Pewsey
St Christopher, West Vancouver

Welcomed by the parish in the 1980s, Doreen joined the choir, ACW and taught Sunday School. As a member of the Church Committee, Doreen’s love of the church and many skills were quickly utilized. Doreen served as Rector’s Warden for 13 years, and only retired when she could welcome a new Rector after an interim period. When Doreen had to give up singing in the choir ten years ago, she joined the Altar Guild and currently serves as President.

Mr Keith Barnard Stevens
St Hilda, Sechelt

Soon after arriving at the church, Keith noticed a problem with water ingress and was soon working to repair it. He continues to advise on needed maintenance. He has a gift for wood-working and has built innovative altar rails, small tables and a large cemetery cross. Keith designed and built a back-saving pew mover and wheeled chair stackers, and designed and worked long days on much needed kitchen improvements. Additionally, Keith has been a church committee member, and is a greeter, counter, and Trustee.

Ms Mary E Tassell
St Martin, North Vancouver

Continuously for over 91 years Mary has been a member of All Saints, Burnaby, St John, Shaughnessy, and St Martin, North Vancouver. She joined an Altar Guild at age 12, and has served in this capacity at St Martin’s for over fifty years. Mary has also been a Brown Owl and Guider for the Brownies and Girl Guides and a member of Little Helpers. She has done mincemeat, stained-glass window notecards and calendar fundraisers with the ACW and Women’s Guild, created the first official parish list, and sent many cards to children and shut-ins. And Mary has been a greeter and pastoral care visitor, always with a ready smile.

Burrard Archdeaconry (The Very Revd Peter Elliott)

Mrs. Carreen Adams

St Thomas, Vancouver

Carreen has been active in the parish since she was ten, when, with her mother, she participated in the Chinese Mission and taught Sunday School around a pot-bellied stove. After 30 years in Oregon, Carreen rejoined St Thomas. Her ministry includes being President of the ACW, visiting and driving the sick and shut-ins, outreach to Royal Arch Masonic Home, and every hospitality event at the church. When things are mysteriously taken care of at St Thomas, it is assumed that Carreen has been at work.

Mr James Baldo

St Michael, Vancouver

James’ first role in the parish was on the Fellowship and Planning Group where he demonstrated his commitment to cooperation and to growing multiculturalism. Later he became Associate Warden, a member of Canonical Committee and was elected as People’s Warden in 2010, a role he continues in today. James is key to implementing the parish’s Vision 2021 Plan and he hopes that St Michael’s becomes a centre of worship and fellowship for Filipino immigrants, especially Anglicans.

Ms Moira Morgan,

Christ Church Cathedral

Moira glorifies God with music including 30 years with the Cathedral Choir. She served on Parish Council and as Rector’s Warden, bringing her human resources management skills and passion for blessing same-sex unions. She has served on the Bishop’s Advisory Council, participated in the Sandwich Project, been a human resources consultant and a fundraising ambassador for the “Raise the Roof, Ring the Bells, Feed the Hungry” Campaign and taken a leadership role in the Cathedral’s 125th Anniversary Choral Evensong.

Ms Cathryn Schultz

St Paul, Vancouver

Cathryn began her involvement with the “Kid’s Church” and the Coffee Hour, and her coffee hour hosting has continued for 21 years. In 2005, she volunteered at the Advocacy Office and became kitchen supervisor. That also continues, and she caters innumerable parish events. While living for a time in the church, she regularly prepared food for street involved people. Cathryn has organized donations for the Our House addiction recovery programme and supports parishioners with visits and shopping, cooking and cutting hair.

Mr George Shiyozo Shimizu (Deceased, June 2018)
Holy Cross Japanese Canadian, Vancouver

George embodies the history of his church. Despite his hardships during World War II, George has been a faithful member, now one of longest-serving members, of Holy Cross. George contributed enormous time and energy rebuilding a Japanese-Canadian Anglican Church after Japanese-Canadians were allowed to come back to the West Coast in April 1949. George served as People’s Warden in the 1960s and Rector’s Warden through the 1980s and was Warden when St Peter’s proposed to transfer the title of their property to Holy Cross.

Mr Peter John William Symons

St James, Vancouver

A member of the parish for 36 years, Peter has been a member of the Servers Guild since 1980. He has taught Sunday School and adult Bible Study, and served as a Trustee and on the Boards of St James’ Community Service Society and the Wilberforce Cooper Care Society. A member of the Altar Guild, Peter takes special care of brass items. Peter has assisted at numerous Newcomers’ Dinners and other social events and is a valued Pastoral Care Guild member.

Fraser Archdeaconry (The Ven. Stephen Rowe)

Mrs. Jackie Betts

St Dunstan, Aldergrove

For over 24 years Jackie’s ministry has focussed on hospitality through the Social Committee, organizing coffee hour and helping with the Choir’s Spaghetti Dinner, the “Nearly Neil” Dinner Concert, the Harvest Dinner, Shrove Tuesday pancake dinners, and special receptions. A long-time member of both the Friday Women’s Fellowship and the Choir, Jackie, helps knit “prayer” shawls, does outreach at Jackman Manor, and is instrumental in the Christmas Choral Fest.

Mr Lesley Lee Foulds

St Helen, Surrey

From childhood, Les was a vocal church member, even debating with the clergy during the sermon! He has been a Lay Administrant of the chalice, a member of Church Council, a delegate to Synod, People’s Warden and then Rector’s Warden. Always involved in the building and maintenance aspect of parish life, Les was parish custodian and has helped fundraise to replace the church and rectory roofs and spearheaded renovations to the hall and the rectory.

Mr Bryan Everett Haas

St John the Baptist, Sardis

Bryan has brought energy and imagination to numerous Council positions and his duties as Rector’s Warden. For 20 years he has been the Director of Music, and leads the “Praise Group”. He helped develop a song book of contemporary hymns for use at Sunday services. Bryan was the parish point person for the eastern Fraser Valley MAP process. He helped revamp Parish Council resulting in a more effective Council and has implemented new approaches to holistic stewardship.

Mrs Barbara Joan Harris
Church of the Epiphany, Surrey

Joan has had a 30 year ministry with the Altar Guild and has been a Warden, Greeter, Sidesperson, Lay Administrator, and Server, on the Prayer and Praise group, and taught Sunday School. A member of the Prayer Circle, Healing Prayer team, and the Pastoral Care group, she is also the Building Manager. Through the two committees, Joan works with the Chaldean Christians who now worship at Epiphany.

Mrs Sylvia Joyce Laughlin (Deceased February 28, 2020)
All Saints, Agassiz

Sylvia and her sister-in-law Marion were mainstays of St Peter, Rosedale. They raised funds by selling quilts, planted gardens, mowed the lawn, sewed banners, and even painted the interior of the church and the hall by themselves. When membership fell off leading to St Peter’s closing, Sylvia worked hard to encourage people to move to All Saints, Agassiz, building bridges for a smooth transition.

Mrs Letitia Whiteside Lewis
Church of the Holy Trinity, White Rock

Described as Holy Trinity’s “go-to” person, Letta has helped coordinate social events and fundraisers since the 1990s. From the pub nights to potlucks, tea parties to harvest suppers, flower outreach to bazaars, she has done it all with passion and integrity. Letta is a Trustee and former Treasurer and President of the parish ACW. Never seeking personal recognition, Letta epitomizes parish ministry for her fellow parishioners.

Ms Kerri Onken

St Matthew, Abbotsford

Kerri has served as Warden (2010 to 2012) and Treasurer (2010 to current) of the parish as it re-established Anglican Church of Canada worship and structures. She provided steady and cheerful guidance through the financial aspects of the transition and during major renovations. On Mission Council and its Executive, she was well-prepared and she initiated narrative budgets. Her willingness to innovate has moved the church administration into best practice models of accounting. Dependably positive in the midst of tumult and controversy, Kerri is admired and appreciated by the parish.

Mrs Nancy Fay Paulin

St George, Fort Langley

Nancy has worked in the Sunday School, with those preparing for Confirmation, and with older siblings of infants being baptized. She has served as both Liturgist and Verger, and on Parish Council. She has led worship planning, compiled special services, trained people for lay ministries, and developed advertising pamphlets to inform people about the historic church. Her banners decorate St George’s. In the 1990s Nancy was a member of the Diocesan Christian Formation Committee and worked on Children’s Festivals at Christ Church Cathedral.

Mrs Olive Pociwauschek

St Mark, Ocean Park

Olive’s ministry began as Coffee Hour Coordinator and 23 years later she acts as the scheduler. Olive was involved with the Area Links Ministry, coordinating it from 1994 to 2001. She created the Visiting Ministry and has led it since 1995, making visits and calls herself and encouraging others to do the same. She also supports the Eucharistic Home Servers Ministry. Olive planned the first Christmas Tea which evolved into a Seniors’ Christmas Lunch, and 20 years later she is still organizing this event.

Mrs Alberta Lee Rudolf

St Michael, Surrey

Alberta served many years as President of the parish ACW and as a Rector’s Warden, Associate Warden, and People’s Warden. She has been on two Canonical Committees, sang in the choir, taught Sunday School, chaired parish committees, negotiated rental contracts, and was the liaison between the Church Council and Rector. In her time she was the first responder to security alarms and rectified a severe rodent problem. Currently she is a Trustee and the Recording Secretary of the Diocesan ACW.

Mr Edward Tisdale
St Thomas, Chilliwack

Ted has been active and involved at St Thomas for many years, as Warden, Treasurer or Council Member. Ted’s business knowledge, grasp of financial matters, wide experience in municipal issues, and administrative talent have been invaluable to the parish. Ted’s considerable strategic planning skills have provided the parish with fresh insights, and evolving strategic goals.

Mr Peter Barrett Whaites
St Andrew, Langley

Barry sees to the parish’s maintenance needs from light bulbs to leaks, washroom remodelling to kitchen upgrades, and signage to painting. He’s been a faithful sidesperson for 35 years. In 2014, when the music director exited just two weeks before Easter, Barry came forward to make sure there was a choir and anthem for those celebrations. Barry built the strength and confidence of the choir almost overnight, and he is now the choir director, ensuring anthems for special occasions.

Lougheed Archdeanery (The Ven. Grant Rodgers)

Mrs. Celia Barone

St Timothy, Burnaby

Celia was a founding member of the parish in 1954. In 1972 she worked at the parish house for Project Back Door, which provided counselling for child victims of abuse. For over 23 years she was Parish Secretary, guiding clergy with loyalty and a wealth of knowledge. A reassuring presence during the amalgamation of Christ the King and St Nicholas and the transition to St Timothy, Celia has held every possible parish position, including being named Altar Guild Member Emeritus.

Mrs. Dorina Margaret Hjorleifson (Deceased 2018)
Holy Spirit Anglican Church, Whonnock

Dorina and her husband came to St John the Evangelist, Whonnock, to be close to a nephew at Ferndale Institution, but she then became very involved in the parish. At Holy Spirit she has served on the Church Council and as ACW President. She has organized numerous bake sales, helped at countless bazaars, packed Christmas hampers, and coordinated the Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper. A Lay Administrator and a Sidesperson, Dorina helps with greeting, gathering the offering, counting, and banking.

Mr Gerald Kozol
St George, Maple Ridge

Gerry joined the Anglican Church as an adult and over the past 35 years has served as People’s, Rector’s and Bishop’s Warden, choir member, Envelope Secretary, MAP Committee chair, Stewardship Coordinator, Synod Delegate, and Canonical Committee Chair. Integral to every worship service and the daily parish operations, Gerry is also on the Street Ministry Leadership Team, making sandwiches every Saturday and serving meals once a month.

Mrs Mary Louise McIntyre
All Saints, Mission

Mary has served her parish in the ACW and Altar Guild and as a Sunday School Teacher, Synod Delegate and Treasurer. Her Diocesan positions have been as Yale Deanery representative on Diocesan Council and as Vice President and then President of the Diocesan ACW. She guided the ACW through the sale of WA House in Vancouver and the move to ACW Place in Burnaby. Mary participated in the National ACW Presidents’ Conferences from 2007 to 2010.

Mrs Janet Lynn Pavlakovic
St Stephen the Martyr, Burnaby

For 25 years Janet she has been tireless volunteer. Janet is a member of Parish Council, organizer of the Phoning Committee, Pastoral Care Committee member , Prayer Chain member, Lay Administrator, Counter and Sidesperson, and a leader of the Thrift Shop team. She held the positions of Rector’s Warden, Synod Delegate and Alternate, and Sunday School teacher. Since 2004 Janet has coordinated the Spring Tea and Fall Fair, two of the parish’s largest fundraising initiatives.

Mrs Elizabeth Annette Scott
St John the Divine, Maple Ridge

Beth served as Parish Secretary from 1988 until her retirement in December 2011. Since retiring she is a leader helping with the Strawberry and Holly Teas, special dinners, funeral receptions, fundraising events, and gardening. Beth often coordinates general maintenance of the church and grounds. She is on the Church Committee and Altar Guild and works with the other groups that use the building. Beth is always on call for anything that needs done in the church.

Mr Kenneth Thomson

St Laurence, Coquitlam

Ken served as a Warden and a Synod Delegate, and is currently a Trustee. Ken has sung in the choir since 1968, and is a long-time Chalice Administrator and Greeter. He served on the parish’s 40th and 50th Anniversary Committees and headed the new organ committee. In 1991 he formed the Auction Committee, which organizes the annual Dinner and Auction, a major and continuing parish fundraiser. As a member of the Men’s Club, Ken helped with parish maintenance. He was parish representative for to the “Dialogue on Same-Sex Unions”. Ken ministers now on the pastoral care team.

Mr Terence Wilfred Walton

St John the Apostle, Port Moody

Terry has served in the Anglicans in Mission programme, on Parish Council, on the Daycare Board, as Stewardship Coordinator, on Canonical Committees and as Warden. Terry was a Cursillista and is an EfM graduate. He is a member of the Men’s Group, work party volunteer, Parish Bazaar waiter, Lay Communion Assistant, sidesperson, and coordinated the successful Raise the Roof campaign. Through his participation in the golf group, Terry has revealed aspects of his personality not seen in church.

Vancouver Archdeanery (The Ven. John Stephens)

Mrs. Diana Alice Shirley Bragg

St Philip, Vancouver

Active at St Philip’s since she was four, Diana has taught Sunday School, been Vestry Clerk, People’s Warden, and Trustee, and served on committees for endowments, communications, conference planning, fellowship and pastoral care. Leading prayer and singing in the choir, acting as captain of the award-winning Relay for Life Team the St Philip’s Flyers, convening rummage sales and Christmas Fairs are all part of her ministry. Diana has helped organize Synods and “Women and Spirituality” conferences, and was active with The Anglican Community at UBC.

Mrs. Jennifer Cheung

St Matthias and St Luke, Vancouver

Jennifer is a lifelong Anglican, starting in her native Malaysia. Arriving in Canada in 1988 and here since 1991 she became a member and Business Administrator at the Church of the Good Shepherd. Part of that parish’s church planting ministry, she started worshipping at St Luke’s, and was twice elected Rector’s Warden. Then, as now at St Matthias and St Luke, Jennifer has bridged cultures by supporting Mandarin ministries. In summer Jennifer opens her garden for Bible studies, sharing her talents of cooking and gardening.

Ms Heather Jane Hamilton
St Faith, Vancouver

Heather has been Sunday School Coordinator, People’s Warden, Outreach Committee Chair, Co-Chair of the “Honouring Our Commitment” Campaign, Stewardship Committee member, Synod Delegate and chaired the Parenting Programme, supporting parents of teenaged children. She has helped with rummage and bake sales and Homelessness Action Week. Heather has undertaken five overseas missions with Kindness in Action providing free dental care and education, and is a member of the Sovereign Order of St John of Jerusalem, Knights Hospitaller.

Mr Alfred George Lam
St Helen, West Point Grey

For 40 years Alf’s “maintenance” ministry has used his abilities in organizational setup, service delivery, and technical support. A team player with a welcoming spirit, Alf’s knowledge of what needs to be done and how to get it done, showcase his leadership talents. Alf is central to a St Helen’s-supported homelessness project at Kitsilano Community Centre. Alf credits his “family of volunteers” for supporting and sustaining him.

Ms Patricia Anne Martin
St Mark, Vancouver

One of the first female altar servers in the Diocese, Pam continues her ministry today with special interest in the look and feel of the worship space, fabric art, contemplative worship, centering prayer, paperless music, and Healing Touch. Music has always been a large part of her contribution, whether it be singing, playing instruments, arranging, composing, researching, and teaching. Around the parish Pam is often the person you go to with questions, and if she doesn’t know she will know who does.

Mrs Brita Owen
St John, Shaughnessy

In 1972 Brita joined the Sanctuary Guild and she was a dedicated member for the next 36 years. She held every position and speaks lovingly of the wonderful women she met and worked with over the years, who taught her everything and were like mothers to her. Since 2011 Brita is back in the Sacristy. Not a week goes by that she is not busy washing and ironing the linens, polishing the chalices or mentoring to newcomers to the Sanctuary Guild team.

Ms Shelagh Smith
St Anselm, Vancouver

As well as mentoring many young people as a Professor of Nursing and District Commissioner of the Girl Guides, Shelagh served on the Parish Council for 11 years and as a Trustee for six years. She organized many fundraising events over the past 23 years. Shelagh brings wisdom to her ongoing involvement in the Pastoral Visitation Team, Homeless Ministry Team, Student Ministry Discernment Team and the Parish Prayer Team, which form a testament to her commitment to live “Christ Life”. (Died December 27, 2021)

Dr Priscilla Diana Maryon Turner
Holy Trinity, Vancouver

When Priscilla joined the parish in the 1986, she and her late husband Christopher, saw themselves as among its youngest members. They began work on parish renewal, including building a complete programme of adult education. Always interested in matters of policy and doctrine, Priscilla has been a Synod delegate and Canonical Committee member. She has offered counselling and organized Sunday lunches. Priscilla is a published biblical scholar and personal memorist, read all over the world.

Westminster Archdeconry (The Ven. Elizabeth Northcott)

Ms Judy Barteluk

St Mary the Virgin, Sapperton

Judy has held many leadership positions including as a Sunday School Teacher, Church Committee member, Rector’s Warden, Altar Guild President, Tri-Parish Pastoral Care Team Ministry Chair and New Westminster Reachout Society Chair. She is currently an Altar Guild member, Sidesperson, Hospitality Ministry Coordinator, Prayer Shawl Ministry Member and Co-chair of the Events Committee. An enthusiastic event planner, Judy coordinated the annual Women’s Retreat to Yellowpoint Lodge on Vancouver Island for the last four years.

Mrs. Marion Burnett

All Saints, Ladner

Marion has had a life-long ministry in church choirs. She has a great love for the work of the Altar Guild where she has quietly and faithfully served behind the scenes caring for the “fabric” of the church. Her ministry has also included serving Communion and meals for the community. Marion always lends a hand whenever there is a need. Marion describes her church family as an essential part of her life and her celebration of daily living.

Mr James Harry Claydon

St Alban the Martyr, Burnaby

Jim has worn many hats over 35 years including People’s Warden, Property Manager, and music and worship leader. A self-taught guitarist, his passion has been children’s ministry, where he teaches and leads that music ministry. Jim has written excellent Christmas pageants and “end of Sunday School” productions, bringing joy and life to the parish. Although his boyhood dream to be a school teacher was never realized, Jim says that he is “a teacher for God”.

Ms Patricia Doreen Dempsey
St David, Delta

Pat experienced an awakening in her faith empowering her for ministry during a VST pastoral care course in the 1970s. She has been involved in the choir, AGLOW, the Order of St Luke, as a communion assistant, pastoral visitor, administrative assistant, Warden, Synod delegate, and on Canonical and Finance Committees.
She has organized parish healing services and Sunday School conferences, and for 16 years served as the Diocesan Accountant. Pat has been pastor to the pastors at St David’s.

Ms Florence Ferguson
St Barnabas, New Westminster (Deaceased February 2018)

As a young girl Flo made her own way to church and she has never left. Today Flo’s ministries are hospitality and singing. She has been the main, and usually only, greeter and usher, arriving early, rain or shine, and is the first to offer a welcome. Flo’s great love has been music. When the parish had a choir she was a member, and today she leads the singing using her lovely strong soprano voice to guide less sure singers.

Mr Douglas Kenneth McRae
Holy Trinity Cathedral, New Westminster

Doug has been a Greeter and Sidesperson, a member of Church Council, and People’s Warden. Since 1990, he has been the roster scheduler for lay people participating in worship services. Doug has been a gentle and caring volunteer at the Community Breakfast Programme and an ex-officio member of the Altar Guild for twenty years. For many years he was the Property Manager, and as result is known as “Mr Fix It” because he gets so many jobs done.

Mr James Smith Riley
St Anne, Steveston

In the late 1980s, a casual request for help, led Jim to a ministry of caring for the physical plant of the parish. Jim repairs everything and anything. No job is beyond his reach or knowledge including fixing roofs, repairing stairs, patching a leaky water line, repairing asphalt in the parking lot, returning recycling or removing leaves to the Richmond yard-nothing is too much for Jim. Jim gives generously, caring for the building that is his spiritual home.

Mr Larry Scherban
St Alban, Richmond

For over 20 years, the parish has rarely had to pay tradespeople for repairs, restoration, renovations, or rebuilding because Larry Scherban can fix anything. Larry has built elaborate sets for the St Alban Players theatre group and for concerts and pageants, restored the house on church property, painted parking stalls, planted trees and installed sprinkler systems. He is responsible for sound systems, furnaces, water tanks, solar panels, roofs and lighting. It is no wonder he’s been called “God’s handyman”.

Ms Norma Gwendolyn Stephenson
All Saints, South Burnaby

Norma has been People’s Warden and active in outreach, coordinating the Day of Prayer and donations to Aunt Leah’s, Maywood School, and the Seafarers. A leader on the MAP process, Norma was instrumental in the decision to keep the parish open. For 16 years Norma has chaired the Worship Committee and Intercessor Team. Several years ago, Norma gave a presentation on Black History in the Caribbean and worked on a Canonical Committee. Norma has sung in the choir since 1973 and she is a noted fundraiser.


Bishop’s Nominess (The Very Revd Peter Elliott)

Mr William Betts

St Dunstan, Aldergrove

Bill is the long-serving parish Director of Maintenance and Facilities, including at the time of the disastrous Halloween 2000 fire. He continued this work when the new building was completed, working through the challenges of getting it up and running. A choir member, he has been key to the Christmas Choral Fest. He also cooks for the Community Salmon BBQ and Men’s Breakfast, and is a Chalice Administrator and Lesson Reader. Bill has served on Parish Council and at the Stewardship Committee he innovated the budget line, “Time and Talents”.

Mr Peter John Goodwin

St James, Vancouver

Peter gives his time and energy to two major Diocesan and global ministries-the Mission to Seafarers and the Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund. At the Mission he does monetary transactions for seafarers and the Mission itself, and he does the shopping. Active for over 20 years with the Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund, Peter has been the Diocesan representative and chair for nine years. Peter has brought the PWRDF to the Diocese’s attention through education and animation, using his passion and drive.

Mrs Denise Colvill Hambidge

All Saints, Ladner

A member of the ACW since 1956, Denise became Honorary President of the Diocesan Board. During her time in Tanzania in the 1990s, Denise received unsolicited donations from people of this Diocese which she used for the health needs of college personnel and to start a nursery-Kindergarten School. Returning to Canada, she worked with the Primate’s World Relief and Development Fund and was elected a National Director and later, Vice President. Denise has been active with the VST Auxiliary, the All Saint’s Health Team, and is a Spiritual Care volunteer at Delta Hospital.

Mrs Karol Eva Henrotte

All Saints, Agassiz

Arriving at the parish in 2003, Karol was asked to head the MAP Committee. All Saints was one of the first parishes to engage the process, and four years later, after many meetings, the parish grew and began to thrive. Karol has been a long-time Synod Delegate, a Delegate to the BC and Yukon Provincial Synod, and an Assessor at ACPO. Her parish work has included many workshops on stewardship. Karol is proud to be the unofficial resident parish nurse.

Mr Douglas Ibbott

St James, Vancouver

In 2010, Doug cycled across Canada and across Europe to raise awareness and funds for the Hope International Clean Water for Ethiopia project. This odyssey was supported by his parish and the Diocese. While on tour Doug saw a church redevelopment in Moncton that piqued his interest. Thinking this could be applied at St James, Doug led a Building Viability Working Group to explore the idea. Doug has also been very active in Stewardship and Outreach and as a member of the Diocesan Refugee Unit.

Mr Gary Kenwood

Christ Church Cathedral

Gary has been a leader in three parishes over 43 years. Initially at St Faith, Vancouver, he served as a member of the Property Committee. Then at St Dunstan, Aldergrove, he was Treasurer during a period of expansion and building. In retirement he moved to Christ Church Cathedral, serving as Treasurer, Rector’s Warden, and most recently, Associate Warden for Building Restoration and Renewal. His calm confidence, business acumen and managerial experience have proven to be greatly valued gifts offered to the life of the church.

Mrs Dorothy Alice Mash
St Mark, Ocean Park

Dorothy has a love of the Liturgical Arts and has produced numerous banners, paraments, and vestments. Her Diocesan service includes the Christian Education Cttee, the Synod Planning Cttee, the Ordained Ministry Division, and workshops on the Ministry of the Prayers of the People. Dorothy was a member of the Provincial Synod Cttee on Ministry when she convened the Seedtime and Harvest Conference and assisted drafting instruments and policy. An experienced ACPO Assessor, Dorothy served nine years as ACPO Secretary for the Ecclesiastical Province. Currently Dorothy and her husband John are Chaplains to Retired Clergy and Spouses.

Miss Elizabeth Breeze Murray
St James, Vancouver and St David, Delta

A good communicator and organizer, Elizabeth has edited newsletters at St James and St David, and worked on Topic and a Synod Press Committee. She promoted 9 Canterbury Fayres starting in 1971 and three Church Flower Festivals marking special parish anniversaries at St James and the Vancouver Centennial. Elizabeth gathered photographs, newsletters and other historical parish documents for deposit in the Diocesan Archives. At St David’s she volunteers in the church office and on the newsletter and has organized four annual Big Lunch Events for parishioners.