When does one rush to the window? When the cars stop courteously for pedestrians, cyclists pedal gently down the streets, and people pleasantly go about their business? No, we get up and cross the room when we hear the sound of screeching brakes, a loud crash, a furious argument, sirens, shouts, and explosions. It's human nature, perhaps drilled into our genes to alert us to danger so that we might avoid it.

But it often gives us a poor perspective on how things are going at times. The Church seems to many to be in turmoil over same-sex blessings, shrinking congregations, buildings closing. But reality isn't always the headlines.

Next month marks five years of a remarkable ecumenical happening - the Lutheran and Anglican churches in full communion in Canada. It's been a fruitful and happy coming together - completely missed in the news.

The extraordinary renaissance of our Christ Church Cathedral, which has undergone a marvelous renovation, and become home to literally hundreds of events each year - civic, musical, dramatic, and otherwise artistic - while maintaining and expanding worship, from Prayer Book traditional to experimental. It's a happening place. There's been some news about CCC, but not a lot.

Parishes throughout the diocese are doing wonderful and often new things, far too many to mention. St. Mary Kerrisdale's well-received community dinners; St. Paul's advocacy office and labyrinth; St. Michael Vancouver's hospitality to a refugee for over two years now; St. Michael Surrey's feeding of the homeless under the Gateway Skytrain station.

One could go on. There are very few parishes in this diocese that aren't engaged in something extraordinarily remarkable - and their stories rarely make the news. When you hear stories of how the Anglicans are at each other's throats - just remember that.