For some time now Lutherans and Anglicans have cooperated in the programme called Church Depot. Without much publicity, we have also been working together in the area of Social Justice in many ways.

Lutherans have joined Anglicans in their letter writing campaign to federal political leaders on the topic of the homeless and the federal budget. Lutherans have pushed the programme by seeking to get the national church and all of the Lutheran synods, their women's organizations' and all of their church involved.

They have suggested that Lutherans and Anglicans approach the Canadian Council of Churches, as well as Kairos to join this progamme. This initiative started in the Diocese of New Westminster but it is spreading across the nation-thanks to our working together.

The women of the Lutheran Church, "Evangelical Lutheran Women," have prepared a study on Homelessness called "There is no Place like Home," and we recommend this as a study guide for parishes in the Anglican Church who share this social concern.

Lutherans in BC have accepted the Anglican Programme of the "Greening of the parish". They have adopted the concept of eco-stewards in every parish as well as the 10 point goals for a "Green Parish". Lutherans are grateful for the way in which Anglicans in BC have led the way.

Out of this leadership the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada has also adopted a goal of having every parish in Canada seek to serve Creation in constructive, energy saving ways.

Lutherans will be hosting a national youth gathering which will have "global warming" as a part of its theme. Anglicans have been invited to this youth event, which will take place in Whitehorse, Yukon, next August.

It is some time ago that Anglicans and Lutheran signed the Waterloo Accord. They pledged to find ways to work together because they were very close in terms of doctrine and practice. In this part of the country the Accord is taking on flesh and bone. Who knows were it will go next