One of the purposes of TOPIC, as set down in its official editorial policy as approved by Diocesan Council, is to "encourage the expression of a full range of opinion on church-related issues through Letters to the Editor."

But as of late, letters to TOPIC seemed to have dried up. It can't be that every one of our nearly 10,000 subscribers agrees with every opinion on this page, or with everything that's going on in our diocese as reported in the news columns.

Our recent readership survey (more about it next month) indicates that TOPIC readers are a well-educated, literate bunch. Their favourite past time is reading. They must have opinions.

So send them in (the address is on the next page). While the editor must reserve the right to edit for length, clarity, decorum, and the avoidance of libel, he encourages that "full range" of opinion. And you don't have to criticize of course; you can applaud, too.

(One caveat: if you want to say something about what has been "the issue" in the diocese for the past seven or eight years, that is same sex blessings or the fallout therefrom, it has to be something new that we haven't heard before. Otherwise, let's move on.)

So don't delay. If you have the urge to say something, jot it down in a letter or send an email. Today!