Although the Stewards in Action program finishes at the end of the year, voluntary giving within the Diocese of New Westminster does not.

The integrated budget of the diocese identifies the ministries that we support together with base funding.  However, there are many other ministries that lie at the heart of individuals and parishes of the diocese.  Three of these have been named as ministries that we support together in our new Diocesan Voluntary Outreach Program.

(A more creative name for this program will be determined at our special synod on November 26.)

The three programs we have named for the year 2006 are the South Fraser Community Services Society, the Coming Home Society, and the 127 Housing Society. Parishes may solicit individual gifts from parishioners for these ministries, or choose to make a parish block donation. They may indicate the breakdown of their giving between the ministries, or the donation will be divided equally.

All money received will be forwarded dollar-for-dollar. No overhead or assessment calculation is made on these gifts. All money donated will go directly to the groups. Over time the diocese may pick other groups.

South Fraser Community Services Society

South Fraser Community Services Society, the Coming Home Society, and the 127 Society for Housing are agencies recommended to New Westminster Anglicans for voluntary giving.

The society, partnering with the Surrey HIV/AIDS Centre Society, operates several social services in the South Fraser region. These include a 24-hour resource centre, a 36-bed shelter, a community centre, a food bank, and a storefront for youth. Several local Anglican parishes provide volunteer help.

The Coming Home Society

The society created and runs the “Young Wolves Lodge” for 17 to 24 year old Aboriginal women to help them deal with adictions, make positive changes in their lives, and gain life skills. It was created by a diocesan group centred at St. James, Vancouver, in 2003.

The 127 Society for Housing

Established in 1981 by a group based at Christ Church Cathedral, the society operates three buildings in Vancouver’s Downtown South area which provide bachelor and one-bedroom apartments for almost 300 low-income individuals. Three community workers help residents meet their social, training, and health needs.