Want to meet with other Canadian Anglicans who do ministry with youth? Get ready for five days that will renew, equip and empower you for effective ministry in many forms.

"Generation 2008" will take place on June 10-15 at Huron University College, London, Ontario. Welcomed will be lay people, clergy, parish youth leaders, youth ministry staff, camp staff, chaplains - anyone whose ministry puts them in contact with youth and young adults.

Organizers anticipate close to 200 people from all parts of the country to attend. Is it an academic forum? A learning experience? An opportunity for spiritual renewal? A conference featuring engaging experiential workshops? All of the above!

How often have you been to a training event that you feel is geared towards people at a different level of experience than yourself? This event has been planned such that it will offer formation, networking and training for those who are new to youth ministry and those who have many years' experience. With a variety of exceptional guest speakers and workshop leaders, it's an opportunity for a huge re-energizing of youth ministries across the country.

Anyone in ministry with youth can come to Generation 2008 - applications are available through the National Anglican Youth Website. The gathering is being organized by Huron University College's Faculty of Theology, the national Anglican Church of Canada, and "JustGeneration" - the youth initiative of the Primate's World Relief and Development Fund.

The fee for the five-day event is $375.00 which includes accommodation, meals, workshops, plenary sessions, resource CD and evening socials.

In order to facilitate participation from every diocese three people from each diocese will have conference fees paid for and their travel will be through a subsidized, sliding scale travel pool. It's called the 'Three for Free' option and is intended to encourage participation from right across the country.

If you are interested in being a subsidized participant, contact the Synod office.

More information about Generation 2008 can be found on the National Anglican Youth Website: www.generation.anglican.ca, or by calling 519-438-7224 extension 280