Mary Davie of St. Clement’s, North Vancouver, has completed over 70 blankets for young Aboriginal women staying at the Coming Home Society’s house in South Vancouver, the Young Wolves Lodge, to recover from addictions.

A blanket awaits each woman, folded at the foot of the bed. When she leaves, she takes it with her.

Mary started putting the blankets of knitted squares together when she joined the Mothers’ Union at St. James, Vancouver, three years ago. About a dozen parishioners at St. Clement’s help her knit the squares.

Why does she do it? “Someone told me they saw a person walking downtown with a blanket around her shoulders – that’s all the thanks I need,” she said.

Marie Davie has assembled 70 blankets of squares knitted by fellow parishioners at St. Clement’s for the Young Wolves Lodge. *Elizabeth Hamfeldt photo)