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Instructions on parking in the Park Place Parkade for the Ordinations, June 18, 2016 at 10:30am

Because June 18, 2016 is a Saturday there is no free parking in Park Place Parkade, however there is a Parking Pass (linked below). The Parking Pass must be displayed on your car's dashboard at all times. The Pass also includes the following important information:

This Pass is valid for parking at Park Place Parkade June 18, 2016. Entry is from 8am to 12pm.

Once you have parked you must buy a ticket from the machine using code:3211 which will give you the $5 flat rate.

After the event the gates to the parkade may be shut (particulary if after 12pm). To access the parkade after hours please go to the Park Place Building main entrance at 666 Burard, press the buzzer outside for security and ask for the parkade. There are elevators directly ahead of you that will take you down to the parkade.

NOTE: This pass is NOT valid at Cathedral Place Parkade, located immediately prior to the lane on Hornby Street, just south of the Park Place Parkade entrance.